Peter Parker


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Peter Parker see FAMILY TREE
Born: 11 Mar 1753 Wallingford, New Haven, CT
Bap. 29 Mar 1758 Washington Co., NY

Kent Vital Records V2 pg 64
Married: 24 Nov 1774 Kent, Litchfield, CT
Died: 28 Dec 1838 Granville, Washington Co., NY  
Buried: Masonic Yard Cemetery, Granville, Washington Co., NY
Masonic Yard Cemetery "Peter Parker d. Dec. 28, 1838 age 85 years, 9 mo. s 17 days"


Thomas Parker


Abigail Dutton


Esther Clark


1. John Clark Parker b. 1775

2. Rebecca Parker b. 1777

3. Esther Parker b. 1780

4. Luther Parker b. 1781

5. William Henry Parker b. 1787

Parker in America by Augustus G. Parker, 1910
Peter Parker, the third s. of Thomas, was b. at Wallingford, 1753. He m. 1774 Esther b. 1754 dau. of John Clark of Chatham., CT. he settled first in Torrington, CT. In 1781 he rem. to Salisbury, CT., and from thence to Clarendon, Vt, where he remained but a year or two, and then came to Granville, N. Y. in 1786. After some years he purchased a farm in the northeastern part of Hartford, the same on which Harvey S. Wing now resides, three miles from North Granville. He occupied this farm many years, until the death of his w. in 1827, soon after which he sold, and thereafter res. with his s. at North Granville. He d. 1838, and is interred beside his w. and others of his family and kindred, in the Masonic burying-ground, south of Middle Granville. He was a much respected citizen, and active member of the "Union Religious Society of West Granville" subsequently the "Fair Vale Religious Society," now currently known as the congregation of the North Granville Presbyterian Church - the Society Records showing him to have been frequently associated upon important committees with Zebulon R. Shipherd, Butler Beckwith, and other leading men in that vicinity who were his contemporaries. He had five chn., as follows:

History of Washington Co., NY 1878
"Peter Parker was appointed a pound-keeper in 1787. His homestead was the present Harvey Wing farm, over the line in Hartford. Of his sons, John C. was a lawyer, - a justice of the peace for many years at North Granville. Harry, also a lawyer, settled at Whitehall, and died there. John. M. Parker, son of John C., was a member of Congress from the Binghamton district, then a judge of the Supreme Court, and died in office. Edward, another son of John C. was cashier for many years of the Bank of Whitehall. William, another son of John C., is now a professor in Middlebury college. Another son of John C., George W., is a judge in New York city."

From 1847 to 1878, Dr. Asa Fitch of New York state collected a series of articles towards a history and genealogy of Washington County and the surrounding region. The numerous genealogical entries and family records featured in this manuscript trace the growth of the original families who arrived in the 1760s and the New England settlers who arrived just prior to the Revolutionary War, carrying their descent into the 3rd, 4th and sometimes 5th generations.

At right are copies of his notes from his interview on August 16, 1850 with John Clark Parker, oldest son of Peter Parker.


pg 1 of interview with John C. Parker
pg 2 of interview with John C. Parker

Church Records at Middle Granville,
"Parker, Capt. Peter, and w. Esther," admitted to church in 1786

Parker, Peter      an adopted child was baptized in 1807
Parker, Peter and w.       Orla Selden, adopted son, baptized in 1795