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John Pettes   see FAMILY TREE
Born: Abt 1709


Married: 08/May/1746 Walpole, Norfolk, MA    
Died: 20/Jun/1790
Probably in Amherst, MA
Name: Benjamin Rhoades (1704-1773.)
Holy Bible in English; Edinburgh, Alexander Kincaid, 1762.
Contains the records of Benjamin Rhoades and Rachel, his wife, and descended to the present owner, Miss Elizabeth Prescott Hale, of Yonkers, New York. She is the great-great-great-great-granddaughter of the original owner.
Name: John Pettes D'd
Comment: June 20th 1790 in the 81st year of his age.


Rachel Rhoades


1. Joseph Pettes b. 22/Jul/1757

2. Mary Pettes  bapt. 31/Aug/1760 First Congregational Church, Amherst, Hampshire, MA

3. Thankful Pettes bapt. 31/Aug/1760 First Congregational Church, Amherst, Hampshire, MA

4. Lucretia Pettes  bapt. 31/Jul/1768 First Congregational Church, Amherst, Hampshire, MA

5. Rachel Pettes bapt. 19/Aug/1770 First Congregational Church, Amherst, Hampshire, MA

6. Tamar Pettes b. abt 1773 Amherst, Hampshire, MA

From the History of the Town of Amherst, 1896

John Petty or Pettis and Benjamin Rhodes are both listed on the town records of Amherst as appearing between 1745-1763. John Petty was on the "south road crossing the second division."

From Families of  Amherst, Massachusetts 1984 by James Avery Smith

"John Pettis aka John Petty.  From Northampton to Amherst about 1760; he and his wife were dismissed by ltr from a Northampton Church to 1st Church at Amherst between March 1760 and Aug 1762.  Resident of Amherst by Nov 1760; he had 12 acres and livestock.  In ? he had 20 acres and livestock.  In 1770 he had 24 acres and dev on Shay St with livestock.  In 1773 he had 30 acres dev, in 1776 he had 55 acres dev with livestock.  In 1780 he had 40 acres dev, 76 acres ? and livestock.  In 1895 he had 15 acres dev, 35 acres undev and a ?.  He sold 16 acres at Amherst June 1790 and died about 1791 probably at Amherst."

18 Jun 1790   John Pettes selling land to Joseph Pettes 2 days before he died. Hampshire Cty, Mass Land Record Bk 4, pg 261

Serving in the Revolution from Amherst were Joseph Pettis, son of John Pettis and two other men named Pettis.  David Pettis and Ebenezer Pettis.