John Picket


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John Picket                                                              see FAMILY TREE
Born: Abt. 1627

Married: 14 Mar 1650-51 New London, CT

Died: 16 Aug 1667   At sea coming from the Barbados


Ruth Brewster


1. Mary Picket

2. Ruth Picket

3. William Picket

4. John Picket b. 25 Jul 1656

5. Adam Picket b. 15 Nov 1658

6. Mercy Picket b. 16 Jan 1659/60

John PICKET came from Salem, Mass. to New London, Conn about1647

John PICKETT, on 14 Feb. 1661/2, relinquished his rights to the property inherited from his father-in-law, Jonathan BREWSTER, and provided that his "mother-in-law, Mrs. BREWSTER, the late wife of his father, Mr. Jonathan BREWSTER, shall have a full and competent means out of the estate during her life, from the said Benjamin BREWSTER at her own dispose freely and fully to command at her own pleasure." THE MAYFLOWER QUARTERLY, v.34, p.45-46; v.52, No.2, pp.72-83.

John Picket's estate was appraised at 1,140 pounds