Hope Potter



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Hope Potter     
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Baptized: 03 Oct 1641 New Haven, CT


Married: 03 Feb 1662/3 New Haven, CT


Died: 1687 Woodbridge, Middlesex, NJ    
Buried: Woodbridge, Middlesex, NJ Hope Potter and her husband, Daniel Robinson, are suppose to be buried in the Robbins Burial Ground, about five miles east from Allentown on the road leading to Clarksburg, NJ. Many of their descendents are buried there. This is according to the Genealogical and Personal Memorial of Mercer County, NJ.   Joy Bridenstine"  bdfj@msn.com


William Potter


Frances Childs


Daniel Robins or Robinson


1. Mary Robins b. 14 Dec 1664

2. Daniel Robins b. 1666

3. Lydia Robins b. 1668

4. Joseph Robins b. 12 Mar 1669/70

5. Richard Robins b. Feb 1672/3

6. Hope Robins b. 15 Jul 1674

7. Nathaniel Robins b. 22 Mar 1675/6

8. Moses Robins b. 27 Mar 1679

9. Hope Robins b. 10 Dec 1681

10. Aaron Robins b. May 1683

11. Benjamin Robins b. Jun 1686

Hope's father, William, was from England, born in 1609.  Married Frances Childs in 1632 or 3 in Ipswich, England.  It has been reported he came to American during the Puritan migration, in 1635 at age 27 with his wife and one son, Joseph, twenty weeks.  He moved to New England with his brother, John and they signed an agreement in a general town meeting in 1639.  He supposedly stayed around Watertown, Mass until 1642.  He was a member of the Church of New Haven until he was branded a pervert and executed.  He had relationships with animals and they were all hanged together.  He made out his will May 19, 1662 - and was hanged June 6, 1662 by Thomas Wheadon, a former friend.    Joy Bridenstine" bdfj@msn.com

Hope married Daniel Robins within a year of the hanging and three years later moved to Woodbridge, Middlesex, NJ.  Their family name changed from Robinson to Robins.  Possibly because Daniel could not read or write and the spelling was not important.  Or they may have changed the name to protect Hope from the gossip concerning her father.