John Potter



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John Potter                          Immigrant Ancestor                                              see FAMILY TREE

Born: Bef. 10 Jan 1607/8 Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England Baptisms of William and John Potter William sonn of William Potter 28 Aug 1607

John sonn of William Potter 10 January 1607/8
Married: 14 Apr 1630 Chesham,  Buckinghamshire, England Marriage John Potter to Elizabeth Wood
Marriage of John Potter and Elizabeth Wood
Died: 10 Aug 1643 New Haven, CT  


William Potter


Hannah Langford


Elizabeth Wood


1. Elizabeth Potter b. 16 Feb 1630/31 Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England

2. Hannah Potter b. Abt. 1633

3. John Potter b. 17 Oct 1635 New Haven

4. Samuel Potter b. 7 Oct 1641 New Haven

Was a freeman in New Haven in 1639, not admitted when the planters' covenant was first signed but expressed his consent to it and soon after subscribed to the agreement made in the general town meeting, 1639, "thatt church members onely shall be free burgesses and they onely shall chose among themselves magistrates and officers."

In 1643 he had four persons in the family, estate valued at 25 pounds, and had 28 3/4 acres of land. He died in 1643. His widow remarried Edward Parker and was excommunicated for her trouble. For some reason the church did not approve of Mr. Parker. After Mr. Parker died in 1662, she remarried Robert Rose of Branford. [Families of Ancient New Haven by Donald Lines Jacobus ]


Samuel Blakesley of New Haven, Conn. and his Descendants by James Shepard of New Britain, 1902

The will of John Potter's mother, Hannah Beecher, made in 1657, is also conclusive, as she mentions the three children of John Potter as her grandchildren, giving "to Hannah Blackly my grandchild, wife to Samuel Blackly, twenty shillings." The other grandchildren, John and Samuel, are known to have been the sons of her deceased son, John Potters, and as Hannah is named between John and Samuel, she was not only the daughter of John, but was probably his second child.  William Potter was then living, and received his share by Hannah Beecher's will, and hence no mention is made therein of any of his children.  But the will of Elizabeth Rose (who was formerly John Potter's wife), made July 23, 1677, about six months after Widow Hannah Blakesley married Henry Brooks, names her "daughter Brooks," which, taken in connection with the facts before shown -- that Samuel Blakesley's widow, Hannah, married Henry Brooks -- Makes it absolutely certain that Samuel Blakesley's wife was the daughter of John and Elizabeth Potter.  Widow Hannah Brooks died Nov 7, 1723. "