Thomas Powell


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Thomas Powell                        Immigrant Ancestor                         see FAMILY TREE
Born: Oct 1641 possibly in Wales

Married: Abt. 1665 Long Island, NY

Died: 28 Feb 1751 Westbury, Long Island, Island    


Abigail Wood


1. Thomas Powell b. 30 Jul 1667 Huntington, Long Island, NY

2. Abigail Powell b. 18 Jun 1668 Huntington, Long Island, NY

3. Elizabeth Powell b. 06 Nov 1671

4. John Powell b. 1672 Huntington, Long Island, NY

5. Jonas Powell b. 1674 Huntington, Long Island, NY

6. Caleb Powell b. Abt. 1675 Huntington, Long Island NY

7. Wait Powell b. Abt. 1677 Huntington, Long Island, NY

8. Elisha Powell b. 1678 Huntington, Long Island, NY


No birth record found, but probably born in Wales or England. At age of 12, his father, Capt. Thomas POWELL of Wales and London, dropped him off at Flushing, Long Island, NY, apprenticed to his father's friend, Capt. Thomas MATTHEWS, a merchant and cordwainer, formerly of London.
In 1662 at the age of 21 he testified in behalf of Capt. Matthews in a court case. He moved to Huntington, L.I., where he was made Recorder (probably similar to Town Clerk) in 1663 and served about 20 years.
When the English took New York from the Dutch in 1666 he was elected an Overseer, and then Constable, subsequently holding many public offices. He was a Trustee of the Freeholders of the Town of Huntington, and the Patent was issued in his and others' names. He became a devout Quaker by 1676 and refused to take oath of office as constable in 1682.
In 1695 and 1599 he purchased land from the Massapaque Indians and laid out the town of Bethpage, Long Island, and built the first house.