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Lucy Richards Prescott


Lucy Prescott Moore
Oil painting held by the Rochester Historical Society
Photo of Lucy P. Moore found in "Adam and Anne Mott, their ancestors and their descendants"
Born: 17 Apr 1820 Windsor, Windsor, VT


source: Pettes Bible    
Married: 11 Nov 1847 Windsor, Windsor, VT  
Marriage Record
Vermont Journal, Windsor, VT Fri. Nov. 12, 1847  "On the 11th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Saltmarsh, E. M. Moore, M. D., of Rochester, N. Y. to Miss Lucy Richards Prescott, of this place."
Died: 13 Aug 1902 Rochester, Monroe Co., NY
Obit from Rochester Union Advertiser, Aug 15, 1902
Obituary of Lucy Prescott Moore from The Post Express, Friday Afternoon, August 15, 1902
Buried: Mt Hope Cemetery, Rochester, NY
Died of Heart Disease

Lucy Prescott Moore  1820-1902
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Samuel Prescott


Mary Pettes 


Edward Mott Moore



1. Mary Pettes Moore  
2. Edward Mott Moore


Edward Mott Moore, Jr.
3. Lindley Murray Moore


4. Samuel Prescott Moore  
Samuel Prescott Moore
5. Richard Mott Moore  
Richard Mott Moore
6. Abbie Joy Moore    
7. Fredrick Pettes Moore  
Fredrick Pettes Moore
8. Charlotte Lucy Moore    

Lucy's father died when she was about two and her mother remarried when she was about thirteen. She married Dr. Edward Mott Moore when she was 27.   Her mother, Mary Pettes, was staying with her in Rochester when she died in 1863.



Obituary of Lucy Prescott Moore from The Post Express, Friday Afternoon, August 15, 1902
Mrs. Lucy P. Moore
Widow of Dr. Edward Mott Moore Dead

One of Rochester’s Foremost Women Reaches End of a Life of Sweetness and Devotion to Her Home and Her Family.

After an illness of ten days, in the course of which she had rallied and was once thought to be convalescent, Mrs. Lucy Prescott Moore, widow of the late Dr. Edward Mott Moore, suffered a sudden relapse last night and died at an early hour this morning at the family residence 74 South Fitzhugh Street, aged 82 years.
During the autumn of her husband’s life Mrs. Moore was his constant companion and tender nurse, and though venerable herself, possessed remarkable vitality. When her husband died on March 3d last, a change became apparent and she speedily lost ambition and strength and her life slowly faded away.  Ten days ago she suffered an attack which took a serious turn, but through the careful and loving care of her two sons she rallied and it was thought had passed the crisis.  A relapse developed last night and her children were summoned to be bedside.  She died before dawn.
Lucy Prescott Moore was born in Windsor, VT., on April 17, 1820. Her parents were Samuel Prescott, an Englishman by birth, and Mary Pettes of Windsor. She spent her early life in the little Vermont town in the shadow of the Green mountains, receiving her early education there. It was there in 1847 that she married Dr. Moore, then a young practicing physician of this city, but who became later one of the prominent figures in his profession in the country.
Dr. and Mrs. Moore made their journey to this city in a stage coach, for railroads were then in their infancy. Upon their arrival here they roomed in the old Eagle hotel, where the Powers building now stands, for three years. They began housekeeping at 5 Elizabeth street, at that time the center of the social life of the city. After living there for ten years, they moved to 74 South Fitzhugh street, which became the homestead.
She made her first trip to Europe when more than 70 years old, and nine years ago, when 72 years old, she and her husband made a tour of Mexico. Mrs. Moore was one of the first residents of this city to appreciate the benefits of Ontario beach as a recuperating ground in summer, and when her children were young she made daily trips there in a carriage with them, utilizing tents as a shelter and vacation home.
Mrs. Moore was a home woman and devoted her life to her husband and family.  It was one of her characteristic tenets that reward for good was a better corrective measure for children than punishment for errors and it is recalled that she gave as a reward sticks of candy to each at the end of the week when they deserved them.  It was a supreme pleasure for her, her children say, to watch their anxious faces as they pulled from under their pillows in the morning their reward package and counted the sticks to see who had been found the most obedient and best behaved.
Mrs. Moore was a life long communicant of St. Luke’s church. She was an omnivorous reader and was well versed in French literature as well as English and American. During the last years of her husband’s life, when he was weary of his labors and ill, she would read aloud to him, Scott and the elder Dumas were their favorites.  Once a friend who in the twilight of a winter day, found the doctor and his wife sitting beside a blazing fireplace, she reading to him with the soft, mellow light of the ebbing day shedding its rays into the room, remarked that it was a scene which should have been preserved on canvas by the brush of an artist.  Such was their daily custom.
Of eight children, six survive her. They are Miss Mary Pettes Moore, L. Murray Moore, Dr. E. M. Moore, Samuel P. Moore, Dr. Richard Moore of Rochester, and Fred P. Moore of Pittsburgh. Pa. The funeral arrangements have not been completed.


Obituary from the Rochester Union Advertiser, Aug 15, 1902

Mrs. E. M. Moore
Death of the Widow of the Late Dr. Edward M. Moore This Morning.

Lucy Prescott, widow of the late Dr. Edward M. Moore, died this morning at the family residence, No 74 South Fitzhugh street. Her death occurred after a brief illness, and will prove to be a shock to her many friends and acquaintances, to whom she had endeared herself on account of the many estimable qualities she possessed. At the time of her death Mrs. Moore was in her eighty-third year. She was born at Windsor, Vermont, in 1820. Her father, Samuel Prescott, was of English birth, and her mother was Marry Pettes of Windsor, Vt. On November 11, 1847, she was united in marriage to the late Dr. Edward M Moore, and had resided in Rochester continuously ever since. Mrs. Moore possessed a happy disposition, which attracted to her a wide circle of friends. She Was a woman who devoted the greater part of her time to her family, and was a great believer in our of door life for her children. On this account, many years before Ontario Beach was thought of, she was in the habit of spending the summer with her sons and daughters camping on the shores of Lake Ontario. The site of their camp was located near the present Moore summer home at Ontario Beach. The deceased was a member of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church for over a half century, and was always actively interested in the charitable affairs of that congregation.
During Mrs. Moore’s residence here Rochester increased from a small sized city to be the third largest in New York State. After their marriage Mr. And Mrs. Moore boarded at the old Eagle Hotel, which site is now occupied by Powers building. Afterward the couple lived on Elizabeth street, the site of which is now occupied by a large commercial building. Ever since 1860 Mrs. Moore had resided at the family residence in South Fitzhugh street.
The deceased was the mother of eight children, six of whom survive her. They are: Miss Mary P. Moore, Dr. Edward M. Moore, L. Murray Moore, Dr. Richard M Moore and Samuel P. Moore, all of this city, and Frederick P. Moore of Pittsburgh, Pa. Also one sister, Mrs. Searcy of Yonkers, N. Y. The funeral will be held tomorrow afternoon at 4 o’clock from the house. Burial will be private.


The transcript from the "Register of Death" lists the place of death as 74 S. Fitzhugh, Ward 3, Rochester, N.Y.

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 Last Will and Testament of Lucy P Moore
I Lucy P. Moore, of Rochester, N. Y., do hereby declare the following to be my Last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all former wills by me made. First. I give and devise to my daughter Marry Pettes Moore, the house and lot in the city of Rochester, where I now reside, known as No. 74 South Fitzhugh street. I also give & bequeath to my said daughter all the personal property in said house of which I die possessed except the pictures, which I direct my executors, hereinafter named, to divide equally among all my children, after consulting with them.
Second. All the rest, residue and remainder of my property, real and personal, I hereby give, devise and bequeath to my said executors in trust nevertheless, to receive the increase, rents and profits thereof, and to sell in such manner, at such time and at such prices as to them may seem for the best interest of my estate, and to divide the proceeds thereof equally among all my children, my son Murray excepted, the issue of a deceased child to take the parent's share. I do not desire my son Murray to share in the division of my said estate for the reason that his father, from whence I derived this property, advanced to him more than his share of the estate would have amounted to had it been divided among all his children.
Third. I hereby appoint my three sons, Edward Mott, Richard Mott and Samuel Prescott, to be the executors of this my Last Will and Testament, and direct that they shall not be required to give bonds for the execution of their duties as such executors. If, for any reason, any one or more of my said executors shall renounce the appointment, or by reason of incapacity, or death, shall fail or cease to act as such executor, the others or other, shall have full power to carry out the provisions of this will.
In witness whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name this 29th day of March, 1902 Lucy P. Moore