Samuel Prescott



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Samuel Prescott   see  FAMILY TREE
Born: 1788 MA?


Married: 15 Oct 1816 Windsor, Windsor, VT


Died: Sep 1822 Matanzas, Cuba    


Mary Pettes


1. Charlotte Pettes Prescott b. 22 May 1818

2. Lucy Richards Prescott b. 17 Apr 1820

Samuel Prescott was the youngest of 11 children and his mother died when he was about 12.  He was probably named after the father of his mother, Samuel Heywood, but he also carries the name of the first cousin of his father, the Samuel Prescott who spread the alarm of the British invasion.  According to an obituary on Revere from the Toronto Star of May, 2004,

 "Revere had become a courier for the Boston Committee of Correspondence and Massachusetts Committee. He delivered messages by horseback, including the account of the Boston Tea Party. In the spring of 1775, he got word that John Hancock and Samuel Adams were going to be arrested by British soldiers and that the British were confiscating colonial arms. He and William Dawes set out to alert the people of the British actions. Revere arrived in Lexington shortly before Dawes, and alerted Hancock and Adams. Dawes, Revere and Dr. Samuel Prescott set out to further alert the people of the British invasion. However, Revere and Dawes were captured before they could spread the word. Prescott was the only courier to get through. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's famous poem about Revere's ride was more fictional than factual."

According to the obituary of his daughter, Lucy Richards Prescott Moore, her "parents were Samuel Prescott, an Englishman by birth and Mary Pettes of Windsor." The register of death of Lucy P. Moore states the same facts. His older brothers and sisters were recorded in the town records but we cannot find any record of Samuel's birth.
The Joseph Pettes bible records state that "Samuel Moore died at Matanzas on the island of Cuba September 1822." His daughter Lucy would have been about two when he died.

The marriage record in Windsor, VT (see above) states that he was from Montreal, Canada