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Elizabeth "Patsy" "Peggy" Pryor see  FAMILY TREE
Born: 01 Jun 1735  
Died: Dec 1797

Will probated Jan 1798 Scott Co., KY

   I Elizabeth Flournoy of Scott County and State of Kentucky being advanced in life and ever liable to die but being sound in mind think it proper to arrange my worldly concerns whilst I am in a capacity for so doing as I wish them to be distributed when I am dead. I therefore make and ordain this my last will and testament

First I will and give to John P Smith Lemuel Smith & Peggy Dabney Saml Flournoy Robt Flournoy and Thomas Flournoy five Shillings to them & their heirs forever.
2nd I Give to my son John J Flournoy a silver soup spoon and my case of Bottles to him and his heirs forever
3rd I give to Martha Wells my black satin Cloak to her & her heirs forever
4th I Give to Francis Flournoy the stray mare called Conny and A bay horse colt two years old last spring whose dam was the mare called Polly which colt was the last said mare ever foal in my possession Also I give said Francis two cows & calves out of my Stock as also the folding table which I . . since my deceased husband Estate . . and one Teakettle to him and his heirs forever . . . and other produce that may be either growing or geothered all the meat killed or killable or intended to be killed I desire . . may be Equally divided between my son Matth & Frans Flournoy at my death
Sixth I give to Mathews Flournoy a young by filly two years old this last spring whose dam is known by the name of Bonny also A young colt foaled this spring by said mare also one Feather bed with good winter and summer furniture
Seventh I give to Lucy Flournoy one Negro Boy called Henry one Feather Bed with my Calico curtains and Sufficient furniture for summer & winter
8th All my wearing clothes I divise may be divided between my daughters Eliza L Henry and Lucy Flournoy
9th a sitt of white handle knive & fork I give to my sons Frs & Mat[?]
10th I give to Elizabeth Henry Polls largbay colt whose Line was the horse John J Flournoy sold to Col Adair and all the Stock properly belonging to me except what is otherwise disposed of in this will I also give to said daughter one side saddle the large looking glass Six silver table spoons one wheel one large punch bowl & Six glass tumblers a sett of Knives & forks one dozen china cups and saucers one dozen Earthen Plates with many squares in the Rim one large Kettle one pair of sheep shares. one candle stick one Pewter dish two double wove counterpanes a summer bed bed quilts patches blue and white a Gallon measure two black Sacks & one small Pewter Bason likewise a half a Dozen white earthen soup plates and the black mare and colt I Bought of Mayr Henry to her and her heirs forever
11th all my white Country blankets I devise may be equally divided Between Eliza L Henry and Francis Flourny
12th there there be any cash remaining after my debts . . . . . . . . . . Francis Mathews & Lucy Flournoy their heirs forever

13th should Lucy Flournoy die without . . . . . . I Devise that the Negro Boy Henry may be given to Francis Flournoy to him and his heirs forever & the feather Bed to Eliza L Henry & their heirs forever
14th I give to my daughterinlaw A packed calico & muslin quilt I Appoint Major William Henry & Francis Flournoy Exors of this my last will In Tesimon whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 4th day of June Anno Domine one thousand seven hundred and ninety seven

Signed sealed & Ackn in presence of Elizabeth Flournoy in presence of us Philip S Rodes

Janes Kelly & Polly Kelly

A codical to the last will and testament of Elizabeth Flournoy Since the date of my will which is the fourth June 1797 I have parted with two horses are then willed to my daughter Eliaz L Henry in lieu thereof I have given and bequeathed to Said daughter the new horse which I have lately given my black mare for Also give said daughter the black mares Colt and Bonnys youngest colt which last mentioned colt was bequeathed to my son Mathews in the will but which I see cause as so mentioned to dispose of in another way I give my horse called plato to my son Mathews the Steelyards I Bought of William wilson I give to my son Jno Flournoy witness my hand and seal to this my Codicil this seventh decr one thousand Seven hundred and ninety seven

Signed Sealed & Elizabeth Flournoy Acknowledged in presenc of............Philips L Roots ....James Kelly

Scott County sst January Court 1798 . . . .


John Pryor


Margaret Gaines


1st Charles Smith

2nd Matthew Flournoy

      b. 21 Jun 1732

      d. 1785 Scott Co., KY

CHILDREN with Charles Smith

1. Margueretta Smith

2. John Pryor Smith

3. Lemuel Smith

CHILDREN with Matthew Flournoy

1. Samuel Flournoy

2. Robert Flournoy

3. Martha Flournoy

4. Lucy Flournoy

5. Elizabeth Julia Flournoy

6. Francis Flournoy

7. Thomas Flournoy

8. Matthew Flournoy

9. John J. Flournoy