Samuel Rhodes



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Samuel Rhodes                                                       see FAMILY TREE
Born: Dec 1642 Lynn, Essex, MA

Married: 16 Jan 1680/1 Lynn, Essex, MA

Died: Bet 17 Oct 1713 - 19 May 1718 Lynn, Essex, MA    


Henry Rhodes




Abygaile Coates


1. Jonathan Rhoades b. 28 Nov 1683

2. Samuel Rhoades b. 02 Aug 1685

3. Abigail Rhoades b. 19 Jan 1685/6

4. Eleazur (Elieazar) Rhoades b. 05 Nov 1688

5. Sarah Rhoades b. 31 Jul 1690

6. Obadiah Rhoades b. 13 May 1693

7. Sarah Rhoades b. 16 Aug 1696

8. Jeane  Rhoades b. 19 Aug 1699

9. Joseph Rhoades b. 25 Aug 1701

10. Benjamin Rhoades b. 12 Jun 1704

From "Early Lynn Families" by Marcia Wilson Wiswall Lindberg  2004

"Samuel Rhodes was born at Lynn, in the 12th month of 1642 and died there between 17 October 1713 and 19 May 1718, the signing and recording of a deed of gift to his sons.  He married at Lynn, probably as a 2nd wife, 16 January 1681/3, Abigail Coates, daughter of Robert and Jane (Sumner) Coates of Lynn.  Samuel Rhodes was among 15 men from Lynn who were impressed for military service and mustered at Dedham, 10 December 1675 under Capt. Gardner in King Phillips War.  He petitioned for land in 1685.  On 26 February, he, with his brothers, took the Oath of Fidelity.  He served on a Grand Jury in 1699.  Samuel was a miller by occupation.

On 26 April 1708, Robert Coats of Stonington in Connecticut, quitclaimed unto his brother John Coates and his brother-in-law Samuel Rhoads, both of Lynn, all right in his father's estate in Lynn.  Witnesses: Benjamin Potter and Mary Burrill.

Samuel Rhodes' Deed of Gift to his 2 elder sons Jonathan and Eleazer

Indenture between Samuel Rhoads Sr. of Lynn, miller, and Jonathan Rhoades Sr. and Eleazer Rhoades tertius, the natural sons of said Samuel Rhoades, for natural affection they having been dutiful and obedient sons, and very helpful to him in carrying out his business do give after his and his wife Abigail's deaths, several parcels of upland and marsh and meadow ground; Jonathan to have a 1 1/2 acre lot of fresh meadow bounded S by Joshua Rhoads, W on the Town Commons, N on Joseph Rhoads and E on Joseph Mansfield; also 1 1/2 acres marsh that was Pearson's, bounded S on Sedge Island, W on the river, also 1/2 of my land that was Robert Coates (his grandfather's), to have after my decease, and to Eleazer Rhoads, all the houselot of the said Samuel Rhoads Sr. containing 2 1/2 acres, bounded E on my land called "Newhall's land: and S  on Theophilus Farrington, on Joseph Rhoads, and N on the County Road, with all housing and mill upon it and if Abigail, my now wife, shall survive, she to have the improvement of the whole and all the common lots; also 2 acres of meadow bounded S on Theophilus Farrington, W on the the range, N on Joseph Hart and Samuel Hart, E on Joseph Rhodes, and a lot of marsh in Rumney Marsh; also 3 acres bounded E by Daniel Mansfield, Sr, S on Joseph Rhodes , N on John Breed; and also the remainder of the lot that butts upon Sedge Island, and also 1 acres of marsh, bounded W on Joshua Rhoads and on the river to have and hold after the decease of their father and mother---with consent of Abigail, his now wife.  It is to be understood that Eleazer Rhoads tertius to to pay until his brothers 20 shillings apiece after his father and mother's decease.  Signed: Samuel Rhoads Sr.  Witnesses: Johannah Rhoads, Joseph Jacobs.  On 25 October 1713, Samuel Rhoads, Sr. Acknowledged the above deed.  (Essex County Deeds, 33;192)


Information about children taken from "Colonial Families of the United States"  by Nelson Osgood Rhoades