Elizabeth Redman Richbell



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Elizabeth Redman
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Born: Abt. 1645    
Died: Aft. 1698    


unknown Redman


Ann Parsons


Adam Mott

CHILDREN with Adam Mott

1. Richbell Mott b. 1668

2. Maryanne Mott b. 1670

3. Adam Mott b. 1672

4. William Mott b. 20 Jan 1673

5. Elizabeth Mott b. 1674

6. Charles Mott b. 1676


Elizabeth's mother, Ann Parsons, may have been married three times.  It appears, however, that when Elizabeth married Adam Mott her mother was married to John Richbell.

In the genealogy Adam and Anne Mott by Cornell, clearly states that John Richbell was the ancestor of Anne Mott.  Elizabeth named her first child, Richbell.  And her sister, Mary, is almost surely the daughter of John Richbell. "As early as 20th Dec, 1670, John and Ann Richbell conveyed a small piece of land in Mamaroneck to 'our son-in-law James Mott, and our dear daughter Mary his wife.' " (*) 

However, in the genealogy The Descendants of Adam Mott by Edw. Doubleday Harris, he says, " The second wife of Adam Mott was the daughter of Ann, the wife of John Richbell of Mamaroneck, probably from a previous husband whose name was Redman.  She married not long prior to Nov. 5, 1691, Robert Hubs, and was living as late as 1698 as his wife."

According to the Historical and Genealogical Miscellany: New York and New Jersey, Vol 4  "John Richbell, his wife's mother, and his wife's daughter, Mary Mott, were buried in a field adjoining the house of Lieut. James Mott, as appears by the entry in the Town Book, set forth fully under James Mott, 3  Here to, doubtless, Ann, John Richbell's widow, was also interred."

It appears then that John Richbell was the step-father of the three children of Ann Parsons.

(*) Adam and Anne Mott, by Thomas C. Cornell 1890