John Sargent


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John Sargent
Born: Dec 1639 Charlestown, Suffolk, MA      

1st to Deborah Hillier 19 Mar 1662/3
2nd: to Mary Bense 03 Sep 1669
3rd: to Lydia Chipman abt. 1674


Died: 09 Sep 1716 Malden, Middlesex, MA


Buried: Old Malden Burial Ground (Bell Rock Cemetery)   "Here Lyes Y Body of M John Sargant aged 76 years & 9 months  Departed this life September y 9th 1716"
From OurNorthernRoots by Andrew and Danielle (St. Laurent) Burdett. 


William Sargent




1. Deborah Hillier
2. Mary Bense
3. Lydia Chipman

CHILDREN with Deborah Hillier

1. Joseph Sargent b. 18 Apr 1663

2. John Sargent b. 16 Feb 1664/5

3. Mary Sargent b. 1667

4. Jabez Sargent b. Apr 1669

CHILDREN with Lydia Chipman

1. Hannah Sargent b. Dec 1675

2. Jonathan Sargent b. 17 Apr 1677

3. William Sargent b. 20 Nov 1680

4. Lydia Sargent b. 1682

5. Deborah Sargent b. 1684

6. Ruth Sargent b. 26 Oct 1686

7. Samuel Sargent b. 15 Sep 1688

8. Ebenezer Sargent b. 25 Sep 1690

9. Hope Sargent b. 1692

10. Mehitable Sargent b. 05 Sep 1696

11. Sarah Sargent b. 1698

From "Sargent Genealogy" by Aaron Sargent, 1895

"John Sargent (born in Charlestown) went to Barnstable with his father, and was admitted to inhabit there between 1662 and 1666.  He returned to Malden about 1669, where he was a selectman six years.
In May, 1695, the town of Malden made a division of two thousand three hundred acres of common lands.  The distribution was by lot to all freeholders in the town, in proportion to their ratable estates, - an average of about thirty acres to each man.  Among the names are John Sargent, Sr., and John Sargent, Jr.  It was votes by the town - showing confidence in his integrity and fairness - "that John Sargent, sen'r, is the man to draw the lots."
His slate gravestone is in Bell Rock Cemetery (formerly the "Old Malden burial-ground")
Like is transatlantic great-grandfather, he heeded the Scripture injunction; and all his fifteen children are named in his will of May 20, 1708.
It is a circumstance worthy of incidental mention, perhaps, that the first and third wives of John Sargent (who was born in Massachusetts Bay Colony) were born in Plymouth Colony; so that the mingled blood of the Pilgrim and the Puritan of these two noted colonies (which afterwards became the Commonwealth of Massachusetts) flows in the veins of all his descendants."