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Harriet (Hattie) Shepard

Born: 15 Mar 1844  Newport, Vermillion Co., IN
Harriet Shepard
Married: 17 Oct 1871  Vermillion Co., IN    
Died: 21 Mar 1919 Vermillion Co., IN Obituary of Mrs. John Harlan
Harriett Ann, daughter of Ben and Eliza Shepherd, wife of John Harlan, was born March 15, 1845 died March 21, 1919, aged seventy five years and six days.
She was one of a family of eleven children, seven of whom preceeded her into the life beyond. Those remaining are Mrs. Mary E. Wright of Indianapolis, Indiana, Judson Shepherd of Dana, Indiana, and Mrs. Florence Bothwell of Flora, Illinois. Hiram Shepherd died in 1898, Elizabeth Shepherd in 1862, Lewis Shepherd in 1913, Caroline Shepherd in 1869, Ella Shepherd in 1876, Susan Shepherd in 1880 and Mrs. Salina W. Hanly in 1915.
In girlhood, Mrs. Harlan was converted and united with the Methodist church near the family home three miles north of where Dana is now located. Later she went to the Baptist denomination which her father was an honored and faithful member of long standing.
When the Dana Baptist church was established the Baptist among the Shepherd's were constituan? members. In earlier Christian life Mrs. Harlan was quite active in church service and to the end lived a beautiful life.
She was married to Mr. John Harlan October 17, 1871. This partnership in life was harmonious and altogether pleasant. She was a homemaker of industry and tact. The husband's business as dealer in live stock took him from home a great deal but she never failed to keep everything in order and moving in his absence and to make his return pleasant.
Mr. Harlan attributes much of his success in building up their fortune to his present proportions to her wise council and devoted activities. In recent years Mrs. Harlan has been a great but uncomplaining sufferer.
At four P. M. of last Friday she was released from all earthly relationships and taken to her eternal.
Since the early spring of 1905 she and Mr. Harlan had been living in their beautiful town home, where she passed to her home above. He and all other relatives have the sympathy of a large circle of friends.
Mr. Harlan requested an expression here of his gratitude to the neighbors and friends who have been so sympathetic and helpful during the sickness of the departed and these hour of loss since her going. Especial mention is made of ?"
Buried: Thomas Cemetery, Newport, Vermillion, IN    


Ben Shepard


Elija Johnson


John Harlan b. abt.1840 in Vermillion Co., IN

                    d. aft 1919


John Harlan was a Methodist Minister as well as the Dana Bank President in 1910

Harriet and John Harlan on right, Grace Shepard sitting in front
Harriet and John Harlan with niece Lilly, daughter of Judson Shepard
John Harlan home


Hattie Shepherd married John Harlan, her 4th cousin once removed.

George Harlan b. 11 Mar 1650 Durham, England

Moses Harlan b. 20 Dec 1683 Donnahlong, Down, Ulster, Ireland James Harlan b. 19 Aug 1692 New Castle, Delaware
Rebecca Harlan b. 1715 Kennett, Chester, PA John Harlan b. 2 Jan 1716 Kennett, Chester, PA
Margaret Blackburn b. 16 Dec 1740 Lancaster, Adams, PA Thomas Harlan b. 1750 Chester, PA
John Shepherd b. 1768 Menallen, Adams, PA Cornelius Harlan b. 12 Jan 1807 Hawkins, TN
Ben Shepherd b. 29 Oct 1808 Breckinridge, KY John Harlan b. 23 Apr 1839 Vermillion, IN
Harriet "Hattie" Shepherd b. 15 Mar 1844 Newport, Vermillion, IN