Solomon Shepherd


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Solomon Shepard
Born: 01 Jan 1800 Breckinridge Co., KY


Married: 05 Jan 1821 Breckinridge Co., KY


  Record Bk 1, pg 83 Breckinridge Co. by Rev. Othello Williams
Died: 17 Aug 1866 Ralls Co., MO


Abstract of will
1. Jeremiah Shephard (my son) $2.00
2. John H. Shephard (my son) $2.00
3. Mary A. Schenback $2.00
4. Rody Artemesia Wai?  $2.00
5. Benjamin Shephard $2.00
6. Juday Ann Wilson rest of estate


Will of Solomon Shepard courtesy of James Hoskins at
Buried: McGee Cemetery, Ralls Co., MO  
"Solomon Shepard born Jan 1, 1800 died Aug 17, 1866" courtesy of James Hoskins at


John Shepherd


Lucretia Patterson


Nancy Pate


1. John Henry Shepherd b. 05 Apr 1818 KY

2. Jeremiah Shepherd b. Feb 1821 KY

3. Judith Ann Shepherd b. 15 Jan 1823 KY

4. Mary Scato Shepherd b. 07 May 1829 KY

5. Rhoda Artemesia Shepherd b. Abt. 1830

6. Benjamin Allen Shepherd b. 3 Apr 1833 MO

7. Melissa Shepherd

8. Lucretia Shepherd

9. Thomas Shepherd


From James Hoskins at

From Ralls County History Portrait & Biographical record, 1897 on John Henry Shepherd
" Our subject's father, Solomon Shepherd, was a native of Kentucky and one of the pioneers of Breckinridge County. He was a life-long agriculturist and succeeded in providing well for his large family. In 1825 he moved to Boone County, MO, renting a farm there for four years, when he came to this county *Ralls or Audrain not sure* and purchased forty acres of land in partnership with his brother-in-law.  The place was covered with timber which he proceeded to clear off, but only lived there about two years, then selling out and taking up his abode on a farm north of the one where our subject is now living. He entered one hundred and sixty acres of Government land, on which he made substantial improvements during his five years residence thereon. From 1836 until his death which occurred in 1866, his home was near Mexico, Audrain County, MO. His wife departed this life in 1835. Of their ten children only four survive namely, Jeremiah, John, Julia - *should be Judith*, and Benjamin. Melissa, Lucretia, Thomas, and one other, all died in infancy or childhood and Mary and Rhoda A. have also passed away. The birth of our subject *John Henry Shepherd* took place in Breckinridge County KY April 5, 1818 . He grew up on his father's farm, and when in his nineteenth year left home to make his own living. For some time he worked in a brickyard in Grant County, Wisconsin and was also employed on farms."

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