Nicholas Snow


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Nicholas Snow Immigrant Ancestor see FAMILY TREE
Born: 1599


Married: 22/May/1627 Plymouth, Plymouth, MA


Died: 15/Nov/1676 Eastham, Barnstable, MA    


Constance Hopkins


1. Mark Snow b.09/May/1628

2. Mary Snow b. Abt 1630

3. Sarah Snow b. Abt 1632

4. Joseph Snow b. 24/Nov/1634

5. Stephen Snow b. Abt 1636

6. John Snow b. Abt 1638

7. Elizabeth Snow b. Abt 1640

8. Jabez Snow b. Abt 1642

9. Ruth Snow b. Abt 1644

10. Constance Snow b. Abt 1646

According to the Canney/Peckham Genealogy (on the Internet) "Nicholas Snow came to New England in the Ann in 1623 and had share in the division of land in Plymouth, 1624. He settled in Eastham in 1645. He was freeman 1633. He and six other, seven families in all, began the settlement of Eastham early in 1645. It 'is granted to be a township, and to have all the privileges of a township as other towns within the government have' in 1646. thus recognized a meeting of the inhabitants, duly convened, elected Nicholas Snow Town Clerk, Edward Banks town treasurer, and Josias Cooke town constable.' Nicholas Snow was town clerk for sixteen years, was deputy for three years and selectman for seven years. He and his son Mark signed the call to Rev. John Mayo to settle as their minister in 1655."

These same researchers says that William Snow was his brother. " William came to New England in the ship "Susan and Ellen" in 1635 as an apprentice to Richard Derby." The Times of Their Lives by James Deetz says William Snow "had been brought over out of Old England by Mr. Richard Derby, who assigned him to Doty to serve him for a period of seven years. Edward Doty also agreed to a more generous provision for Snow at the end of his indenture, in that he was to be paid 'one lively cow of two months old, and eight bushels of Indian corn, and a sow pig of 2 or 3 months old, with two suits of apparel, and find him meat, drink & apparel during his term."