Joseph Storrs



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Joseph Storrs    

Born: 08 Mar 1711/2


Married: 1st: 01 May 1735 to Hannah Porter

2nd: 1743 to Experience Gurley


Died: 05 Oct 1785 Mansfield, Tolland, CT    


Samuel Storrs


Martha Burgess


 Hannah Porter

Experience Gurley

CHILDREN with Hannah Porter

1. Hannah Storrs b. 23 Apr 1736  died in infancy

CHILDREN with Experience Gurley

1. 1. Eunice Storrs b. 30 May 1744

2. Mary Storrs b. 23 Aug 1746

3. Hannah Storrs b. 02 Mar 1748/9

4. Experience Storrs b. 17 Mar 1750/1

5. Joseph Storrs b. 06 Mar 1753

6. Cordial Storrs b. 1758

7. William Storrs b. 20 Aug 1760

8. Augustus Storrs b. 18 Dec 1762

9. Royal Storrs b. 01 Apr 1765

From Storrs genealogy by Charles Storrs, 1886
"Joseph Storrs was in his seventeenth year when his father died, and at his own request Rev. Eleazer Williams was appointed his guardian. he married Hannah Porter when in his twentieth year. He lived just eat of the Congregational church in the North Parish, and built the house in which his grandson Royal, my father, lived for a time after his marriage, and where I was born. The house faced the turnpike to the west, with two stories in the front and one at the rear, and had handsome lintels over the front door and windows, but I doubt if it was ever painted. It had an enormous chimney, and timbers large enough and strong enough fro a ship of war, and when built it was one of the best houses in town. My father left it in the spring of 1840 and to my regret it was taken down and the timbers were use for some building in Engleville, a village in Mansfield.
Major Joseph Storrs, as he was always styled, was the largest landowner in North Mansfied, and a very active and influential in affairs. he was one of the Mansfield proprietors of the new town of Hanover, N. H. the first town-meeting for which place was held in Mansfield, and I believe at his house, in 1761. He was also among those of the Storrs family who made gifts of land to Dartmouth College, his contribution being 110 acres."