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Mehitable Storrs   see FAMILY TREE
Born: 12/Jun/1745 Mansfield, Tolland, CT


Baptismal Record First Congregational Church of Mansfield 1744/5 "June 23 Mehitable Storrs daughter of Cornelius Storrs"
Married: 18/Feb/1758 First Congregational Church, Mansfield, Tolland County, CT


Died: 30/Nov/1830 Lebanon, Grafton, NH


Buried: Old Pine Cemetery, Lebanon, Grafton County, NH   See marker on page for her husband.


Cornelius Storrs


Martha Porter


Nathaniel Hall


1. Storrs Hall b. 07/Jan/1770

2. Dan Hall b. 26/Apr/1771

3. Ira Hall b. 10/Dec/1772

4. Orla Hall b. 21 Sep 1774

5. Nathaniel Hall b. 19/Sep/1775

6.Martha Hall b. 05/Jun/1778

7. Aurnah Hall b. 10/Mar/1780

8. Silas Hall b. 12/Oct/1787
                   d. 06/Mar/1800

9. Cynthia Hall b. Abt 1788
                    d. Nov/1790

10. Poly Hall b. 03/Jul/1790

On November 13, 1822 Mehitabel Hall filed for an allowance on her husband's estate.  For whatever reason, Nathaniel had only allotted her "the use of my Chaise & Harness."  Her children, Aranna, Polly and  Nathaniel signed "to assign and set over to her for her use and disposal, all the household furniture belonging to the said Nathaniel at the time of his decease agreeable to the inventory as made out and returned by the executor - and also to assign and set over to her one bay mare as mentioned in said inventory."  
Petition attached to will of Nathaniel Hall
2nd page of Petition attached to will of Nathaniel Hall