Samuel Storrs


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Samuel Storrs      Immigrant Ancestor                                            see Family Tree

Christened: 07 Dec 1640 Sutton-cum-Lound, Nottingham, England


1st: 06 Dec 1666 Barnstable, Barnstable, MA to Mary Huckins
2nd: 14 Dec 1685 to Esther, widow of John Egard
Died: 30 Apr 1719 Mansfield, Tolland, CT   His will dated 22/May/1717 bequeaths "to Esther my dear and beloved wife the sum of ten pounds of current money of New England - a year if she stand in need of it, and the use of two cows, and half of the Orchard, and a fire room in the dwelling house and her fire wood so long as she continues my Widow."  "To my beloved son Samuel Storrs my gun, sword, hoan and rasor, and I have given him a whole alottment of land, which I account his portion."  "To my five daughters, Sarah, Hannah, Elisabeth, Lydia, Esther, at my decease  a hundred acres of land, that lyes at Corry Rock, and a ten acres that lyes there, and fifty acres that I purpose to lay there in the other division, equally among them. - only Lydia is to have my feather bed that I lied on with the furniture there of over and above the rest."  "To my son cordial by deed of gift, a hundred and fifty acres of land, and six acres of meadow, which is his portion." "To my son Thomas Storrs, whom I likewise constitute make and ordain my only and sole Executor of this my last will and Testament, my home lot and pasture lot, house, barn, and small divisions in a deed of gift, which I account his portion."
Buried: Mansfield Center Cemetery, Mansfield Center, Tolland, CT  
Monument in his memory in Mansfield Center, Mansfield, CT


Thomas Storrs




Mary Huckins

Esther, widow of John Egard

CHILDREN with Mary Huckins

1. Mary Storrs b. 31 Dec 1667

2. Sarah Storrs b. 26 Jun 1670

3. Hannah Storrs b. 28 Mar 1672

4. Elizabeth Storrs b. 31 May 1675

5. Samuel Storrs b. 17 May 1677

6. Lydia Storrs b. 17 May 1678/9

7. Mehitable Storrs b. 16 Sep 1683

CHILDREN with Esther Egard

1. Thomas Storrs b. 27 Oct 1686

2. Esther Storrs b. Oct 1688

3. Cordial Storrs b. 14 Oct 1692

From Storrs Family by Charles Storrs, 1886

Samuel Storrs is "said to have been a large, fine-looking man, and all allusions to him show him to have been prominent and influential in the religious and civil affairs of the town. He was one of the original nine male members of the Mansfield church."
He came to Barnstable, MA in 1663

Amos Otis, 1888, says "Mary married Dec. 6, 1666, Samuel Storrs, resided on the Dexter farm at Scorton Hill. She died 24th Sept. 1683, leaving seven children." She would have been 37. She died eight days after the birth of her seventh child. Her oldest child was only sixteen. Samuel was six.

Two years later he married again to Esther and had three more children.

"About 1698 Samuel Storrs removed to Mansfield, Conn., of which town he and his eldest son Samuel were among the proprietors.