Elizabeth Thorne



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Elizabeth Thorne   see FAMILY TREE

Married: 14 Oct 1696 NY    
Died: Bet 1737-1739 Hempstead, Long Island, NY   1737, Mch. 7. Will of Elizabeth Mott , of Hempstead , widow of Richbell Mott , sick and weak; proved Apr. 16, 1739, mentioned:
Son, Edmond , her wheat, a three year old heifer, all her wearing apparell, except "cloak and a pair of mens stockings."
Grand-daughter, Phebe , daughter of Stephen Wood , 10.
Grand-daughter, Jemima Wood , a crape gown, and a cotton and wool petticoat.
To Stephen Wood that which he owes her for keeping an old negro wench one and a half years.
Daughter, Deborah Mott , the rest of her apparell, a piece of new home spun cloth, and some pewter basin.
Daughter, Keziah , a pewter tankard.


William Thorne


Winnifred Linnington


Richbell Mott


1. Mary Mott b. Abt.1698

2. Margaret Mott b. Abt. 1699

3. Edmund Mott b. Abt. 1700

4. Richbell Mott b. Abt. 1701

5. Anna Mott b. Abt. 1703

6. Elizabeth Mott b. Abt. 1705

7. Richard Mott b. 1710

8. Keziah Mott b. Abt. 1712

9. Deborah Mott b. Abt. 1714

10. Jemima Mott b. Abt.1720