Richard Townsend



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Richard Townsend                                 Immigrant Ancestor                          see FAMILY TREE                                      

Born: England

Died: Bef. 08 May 1671 Suffolk, NY    


Thomas Townsend


Mary Newgate


Deliverance Coles


1. Dinah Townsend b. Abt. 1651

2. Leah Townsend b. Abt. 1653

3. John Townsend b. Abt. 1655

4. Richard Townsend b. Abt. 1657

5. Hannah Townsend b. Abt. 1657

From "A Memorial of John, Henry, and Richard Townsend, and their
descendants," 1865:

Nothing is known of this youngest of the Townsend brothers until he appears at Jamaica, in 1656. The first time his name occurs on the Oyster Bay Records is in 1668, when he bought land at Lusum, of Robert Williams. It is only in connection with that, and other purchases and allotments, that he appears upon the Records. His first wife was a sister of Henry's wife, and a daughter of Robert Coles. The second was Elizabeth Wicks, or Weeks, of Warwick, R.I., whose brother John married Rose, daughter of John 1st. The date of his death is not known, but the settlement of his estate, ... is dated early in 1671, and as his son Richard was then but twelve weeks old, he could not have been dead a great while.