Joseph Truman




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Joseph Truman Immigrant Ancestor see FAMILY TREE
Born: Abt 1639 Nottingham, England    
Died: 1697 New London, CT    


1. Joseph Truman

2. Thomas Truman

3. Elizabeth Truman

4. Mary Truman

5. Ann Truman

From The History of the Treman, Tremaine, Truman Family in America, by Ebenezer Mack Treman, 1901
"His ancestors lived anciently in Cornwall, England.  He was born in Nottinghamshire, England.  He married in England but neither his wife's name, nor the name of her family, has yet been ascertained.  He appeared with his wife, and perhaps some of his children, at New London, Conn., in 1666.  In the following year he was chosen constable, a position of considerable honor in those days.  he purchased in 1667 from Alex Piggins, and about 1670 from Hugh Roberts, some pits for tanning, which were located in a meadow near the entrance of Cape Ann Lane.  Truman Brook and Truman Street are named after him and his family.  He had two tanneries, one at each end of this street on Truman Brook.  The brook ran into Bream Cove near the Hempstead lot.  He appears as plaintiff in law suits in Oct., 1682; May, 1683; Oct., 1683, and May 1685.  He died in 1697 at New London, Conn.  In his will, executed in Sept., 1696, he mentions four children, Joseph, Thomas, Elizabeth and Mary, his daughter Ann having died before the will was made.  In a note-book, now in the possession of Lucy E. Greene of Denver, Col., which was owned by her great-grandfather, Jonathan Truman, appears the following entry in 1822: 'Jonathan Truman, owner of this book, is the son of Jonathan Truman, born at New London, June 25, 1730.  He was the son of Thomas Truman who was also born at New London.  His father who was named Joseph, came to America from England (Nottinghamshire), in company with a brother who settled in Virginia.  He left at New London two sons, Joseph and Thomas, and a number of daughters."