Jacob Verdon



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Jacob Verdon (Farden) Immigrant Ancestor see FAMILY TREE

Born: Abt.1599 probably La Rochelle, France


Married: 1627 Amsterdam, Netherlands


Died: 1635 probably New Amsterdam, NY    


Maria Thomas Badie


1. Magdalena Jacobs Verdon
    b. Abt. 1629 New Netherlands
    m. 21 Mar 1645 Adam Brouwer
    d. Aft. 1699

2. Thomas Verdon
    b. Abt. 1631 New Netherlands
    m. Abt. 1653 Barbara van Inbroeck

Both of the known children of Jacob Verdon have records stating they were born in "New Netherlands."  When Magdalena married in 1645, her recorded place of birth was "Nieuw Nederland" (New Netherlands). (1) And when Thomas gave his oath of allegiance in 1687, he was listed as "native." (2) He must have died shortly after the birth of his second child, however, because his wife had remarried by 1636. The only references to Jacob Verdon are in court records when his adult children were suing their step-father over possession of their father's lands. (3)


(1) Marriage of Adam Brouwer and Magdalena Verdon

Marriage of Adam Brouwer to Magdalena Verdon

The Documentary History of the State of New-York, "The Roll of Those who Have Taken the Oath of Allegiance in Kings County,"  "Thomas Verdon native".


 (3) Brewer Genealogy

On 18 Dec 1658, a suit was initiated by Thomas Verdon before the Orphan Master's Court at City Hall, New Amsterdam, "Mr. Paulus Van der Beek appears in the place of Tomas Verson's son and is (directed), that when Tomas Verdon comes; he is to make a settlement of his wife's (Mary Badie's) estate." Apparently this was not completed, and four years later on 8 Feb 1663, Adam Brouwer (for is wife Magdalena Verdon), Thomas Verdon, and Arien Willemsen (Bennet) again appeared before the Orphan Master's Court and requested action in that Paulus Van der Beek should be ordered to let them have "their father's property." A week later on 15 Feb 1663, their mother Marritie Tomas (Mary Badie) made her deposition before the Orphan Master's Court.  The Orphan Master's Court decided that the property and persons were not within their Jurisdiction and suggested that the petitioners address themselves to the Director General and Council of New Netherlands.  On 1 March 1664, a petition by "Willemsen Bennet, Thomas Verdon, Adam Brouwer, and Adriaem Willemsen (Bennet), coheirs of Thomas (error for Jacob) Vardon, praying that Paulus van der Beecq, husband of said Vardon's widow (Mary Badie), may be obliged to account for that paternal estate." This was followed on 10 May 1664 by a warrant to "Sheriff Hedgeman to put Adriaen, William, and Marietje Williamsen Bennet in possession of a portion of their late father's lands, pending their suit against Paulus van der Beecq, their stepfather.

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Totten pointed out that the mention of "Thomas Vardon" should have been "Jacob Verdon." He reported the error to the New York Archivist whose reply included a quotation from the petition:

Shows with due reverence [Willem] Willemsz Bennet, also in the name of [Thomas] Verdon, Adam Brouwer and Adri(aen) Willemsz, respective brothers [i.e., step-brother and brother] and brother-in-law, and associates (but on account of the present unfitness of the road absent) jointly sons and son-in-law of Marritje Tomas, first widow of Jacob Verdon, thereafter of Willem Adriaensz Bennet and at present married to Pau[lus] Van der Beeck. [All parentheses and brackets in the quotation are Totten's.]