Magdalena Jacobs Verdon



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Magdalena Jacobs Verdon   see FAMILY TREE

Born: Abt. 1629 New Netherlands


Married: 21 Mar 1644/45 New York, New York


Died: After 22 Jan 1699 Gowanus, Breukelen, New York


Buried: Dutch Churchyard, Brooklyn, New York    


Jacob Verdon or Farden


Maria Thomas Badie


Adam Brouwer


1. Peter Adamsz Brouwer
    bap . 23 Sep 1646
    m. Abt. 1679
    d. Aft 10 Oct 1700

2. Mathys Adamsz Brouwer
    bap. 30 May 1649
    m. 26 Jan 1673 Marietje Pieters Wyckoff
    d. Bef. 29 Jul 1726

3. Wilhelmus Adamsz Brouwer
    bap. 5 Mar 1651

4. Marritje Adamsz Brouwer
    bap. 4 Jun 1653
    m. 3 Sep 1676 Jacob Pieterszen
    m. 13 Oct 1686 Barent Janseen Tillburgh

5. Jacobus Adamsz Brouwer
    bap. 17 Apr 1656
    m. 29 Jan 1682 Annetje Bogardus
    d. Bef. 20 Dec 1706

6. Fytje Brouwer
    b. Abt. 1658
    m. Evert Hendricksen
    m. 20 Feb 1692 Matthys Cornelisen

7. Magdaena Helena Brouwer
    bap. 31 Oct 1660
    m. 22 Oct 1681 David Hendricksen

8. Adam Brouwer
    bap 15 May 1662
    m. 18 May 1690 Marretje Henricksen
    d. Bef. 20 Dec 1706

9. Abraham Brouwer
    m. 6 Feb 1692 Cornelia Caljier
    d. 26 Feb 1756 

10. Altie Brouwer
    m. 15 Apr 1682 Josias Janszen Dreax

11. Anna Brower
    m. 6 Apr 1693 William Hilton
    d. 25 Feb 1748 

12. Sarah Brouwer
    m. 13 Jul 1684 Tunis Jans
    m. 23 Sep 1692 Thomas Smith
    m. Bef. 12 Aug 1698 Thomas Knight

13. Nicolaes Brouwer
    bap. 16 Apr 1672
    m. 15 Sep 1692 Jannetje Calijer

14. Rachel Brouwer
    m. 5 Jun 1698 Pieter Hendircksen


Magdalena Jacobs Verdon
by Susan Brooke
Jan 2021

Adam Brouwer, with banns posted on 19 Mar 1645, married Magdaena Jacobs Verdon two days later on 21 Mar 1645. The record indicates that Adam was born in Cologne and Magdalena was born in New Netherlands. (1)  Assuming she was at least 16 years old at her marriage, Magdalena was born about 1729. Magdalena was the daughter of Jacob Verdon and Mary Baddie, as proven by some lawsuits. (2)  Magdalena's mother was the oldest child of Thomas Baddie and Aeltje Braconje, and in the baptismal record of Pieter Brouwer, oldest son of Adam and Magdalena Brouwer, it is stated that Paulus Ver Beeck, Willem Bredenbend, Aeltje Braconje and Mary du Trieux were godparents.  (3)  Magdalena's grandmother, Aeltje Braconje, was in her mid to to late 50's at this time. 
Magdalena was the witness to the baptisms of at least 5 of her grandchildren: two children born to Fytje, one to Marritje and one to Rachel, and a son born to her son Nicholas. (4) In 1698, in "Brookland" she is listed  in a household of one women. Recorded next to her is her son-in-law Thomas Knight. In August of that year she conveyed to her sons Abraham and Nicholas her portion of her husband's mill property. (5  ) The last record we have of her is her witnessing the baptism of Engeltje Hendricksen, daughter of her daughter, Rachel Brouwer, on 22 Jan 1699.


(1) Marriage of Adam Brouwer and Magdalena Verdon

Marriage of Adam Brouwer to Magdalena Verdon
Marriage record indicates Adam Brouwer was born in Keulen (Cologne) and Magdalenda Verdon was born in Nieuw Nederland (New Netherlands)
This is a records of the marriage "Proclamatie" or proclamation. 


(2)  Wikitree

Since her father's death, before November 1664, Magdalena's mother, Marie Thomas Badie, had remarried twice -- first to Willem Adrianensz Bennet, second to Paulus van der Beeck.  On February 8, 1663, Magdalena, via her husband, Adam Brouwer, entered into a legal action to gain her share of her father's estate.  The Minutes of the Orphan Masters of New Amsterdam read as follows:

Adam Brouwer, Tomas Verdon and Arien Willemsen, all children by previous marriages of the wife of Paulus van de Beecq ... request, whereas up to date they have not received their father's inheritance, that they may have it from Mr. Paulus van de Beecq, who has hitherto retained it.

Brewer Genealogy

On 18 Dec 1658, a suit was initiated by Thomas Verdon before the Orphan Master's Court at City Hall, New Amsterdam, "Mr. Paulus Van der Beek appears in the place of Tomas Verson's son and is (directed), that when Tomas Verdon comes; he is to make a settlement of his wife's (Mary Badie's) estate." Apparently this was not completed, and four years later on 8 Feb 1663, Adam Brouwer (for is wife Magdalena Verdon), Thomas Verdon, and Arien Willemsen (Bennet) again appeared before the Orphan Master's Court and requested action in that Paulus Van der Beek should be ordered to let them have "their father's property." A week later on 15 Feb 1663, their mother Marritie Tomas (Mary Badie) made her deposition before the Orphan Master's Court.  The Orphan Master's Court decided that the property and persons were not within their Jurisdiction and suggested that the petitioners address themselves to the Director General and Council of New Netherlands.  On 1 March 1664, a petition by "Willemsen Bennet, Thomas Verdon, Adam Brouwer, and Adriaem Willemsen (Bennet), coheirs of Thomas (error for Jacob) Vardon, praying that Paulus van der Beecq, husband of said Vardon's widow (Mary Badie), may be obliged to account for that paternal estate." This was followed on 10 May 1664 by a warrant to "Sheriff Hedgeman to put Adriaen, William, and Marietje Williamsen Bennet in possession of a portion of their late father's lands, pending their suit against Paulus van der Beecq, their stepfather.

(3) Brewer Genealogy

September 23, 1646

Pieter Brouwer baptized at the New York Dutch Reformed Church; sponsors Mr. Paulus van der Beeck, Willem Bredenbent, Aeltje Braconye, Mary du Trieux

(4) Brewer Genealogy

 Magdalena Jacobs Verdon witnessed the baptism of Adolph Evertszen Van Gelder, son of Evert Hendricksen and Fytie Brouwer, on 14 February 1677 at Reformed Dutch Church, New York City, New York, (sponsors Adam Brouwer en Syn huysvrouw).

Magdalena Jacobs Verdon witnessed the baptism of Aeltje Evertse Van Gelder, daughter of Evert Hendricksen and Fytie Brouwer, on 1 August 1680 at Midwoud, Kings Co., Long Island, New York, (sponsors Matys Brouwer, Magdalena Brouwers).

Magdalena Jacobs Verdon witnessed the baptism of Magdalena Jacobse, daughter of Jacob Pieterszen and Marretje Brouwer, on 17 December 1681 at Old First Dutch Reformed Church, Breuckelen (Brooklyn), Kings Co., Long Island, New York, (sponsors Hieronymous Rapaillie, Magdalena Adams Brouwer).

Magdalena Jacobs Verdon witnessed the baptism of Adophus Brouwer, son of Nicholas Brouwer and Jannetje Caljer, on 15 October 1693 at Old First Dutch Reformed Church, Breuckelen (Brooklyn), Kings Co., Long Island, New York, (sponsors Abram Brouwer and Maddalentje Brouwer)

She witnessed the baptism of Engeltje Hendricksen, daughter of Pieter Hendrickszen and Rachel Brouwer, on 22 January 1699 at Reformed Dutch Church, New York City, New York, (sponsors Niclaes Brouwer, Magdalena Brouwer, wed.)

(5) Brewer Genealogy

Magdalena Jacobs Verdon appeared on the census in 1698 at Town of Brookland, Kings Co., New York, as Magdalena fardon, the household being one woman. She is recorded next to her son-in-law Thomas Knight.

On 12 Aug 1698, Magdalena, widow of Adam Brouwer, conveyed to her sons Abraham and Nicholaes in consideration of an annual payment of 300 glds., 10 skipples of wheat, 2 of Indian corn and 2 loads of hay, and the payment of her debts, her right in the dwelling house, mill houses and mill and creeks thereunto belonging. Nicholas and Abraham then bought out their remaining siblings and became sole owners of the mill property at Gowanus.