Amos Elmore Walker



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Amos Elmore Walker   see FAMILY TREE
Born: 25 May 1775 Whiting, Addison, VT


Birth Record from VT State Archives
Married: 24 May 1798 Whiting, Addison, VT


Marriage Record from VT State Archives
Died: 20 Jan 1850 Whiting, Addison, VT


Death record from Town Records
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Buried: Whiting, Addison, VT
Cemetery next to Whiting Community Church in Whiting, Addison, VT
"Amos E. Walker Died January 20 1830 Aged 76 Years"


Gideon Walker


Rachel Foster


Sarah Miller


1. Gideon Walker b. 1799
                             d. 20 Jul 1803

2. Timothy Miller Walker b. 24 Feb 1801

3. Amos Elmore Walker b. 18 May 1803

4. Emily Walker b. 1805

5. Sarah Walker b. 14 Feb 1809
                          d. 22 Jun 1829

6. Richard Hart Walker b. 11 Aug 1811

7. Samuel Pike Walker b. Abt. 1812
                                    d. 15 May 1815

Source: The Story of My Ancestors in America by Rev. Edwin Sawyer Walker, 1895

Gideon Walker, the father of Amos Elmore Walker, living in Rutland, VT was a "Minuteman" during the American Revolution.  On the 6th of July, 1777, when Amos was only two years old, the fort at Ticonderoga fell to the British and a "hasty retreat was made by the Americans across Lake Champlain, through Vermont to the southward. This retreat leaving the scattered settlements of Vermont utterly defenseless, carried dismay throughout the frontier towns of the New Hampshire Grants, and large numbers of the settlers were sent southward, to remain until the impending danger should be passed.
Gideon Walker started his wife, with four children, on horseback, for Cheshire, Massachusetts, where they found a refuge with a cousin, Lewis Walker.  The eldest of these children was Jesse, a lad ten years of age; the others were Rachel, aged eight years; Levi, five years, and Amos two years respectively.  With these four children, the heroic woman, Rachel Walker, wended her way alone, over the mountains to a place of safety, while her husband, a ready "Minuteman," with the quickly summoned forces of Warner, joined in the pursuit of the enemy, on his way to Bennington."