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Philip Walker Immigrant Ancestor see FAMILY TREE

Born: 1625 Weymouth, Dorset, England
Married: 1654
from "The Story of My Ancestors in America" by Edwin Sawyer Walker, 1895
The Philip Walker House, at 432 Massasoit Avenue in East Providence, still stands and is the 2nd oldest house in Rhode Island (1679). Some of the family's furnishings can be viewed today at the Hunt House Museum in East Providence.
Died: Aug 1679 Rehoboth, Plymouth Colony, MA    
Buried: Newman Cemetery, East Providence, Providence Co., RI
Jen Snoots
Inscription: (on "new" monument) Buried Aug. 21, 1679. To his Memory Aug. 21, 1879.


Jane Metcalf


1. Samuel Walker b. Feb 1654/5

2. Sarah Walker b. 16 Feb 1656/7

3. Philip Walker b. Mar.1660/1

4. Elizabeth Walker b. Mar 1660/01

5. Mary Walker b. Mary 1663

6. Experience Walker b. 1665

7. Elizabeth Walker b. 01 Apr 1666

8. Michael Walker b. 01 Mar 1666/7

9. Ebenezer Walker b. 1676

10. Martha Walker

Source: Jen Snoots

Philip Walker, son of the Widow Walker, was born in England, and is first of mention in Colonial records in Massachusetts in a deed bearing his signature, dated, Rehoboth, 1653. He was one of the grand jury there, May 17, 1655, and took the oath of fidelity, June 1, 1658. His name appears in the first division of the Rehoboth North Purchase, June 22, 1658, and again on May 26, 1668. He became a prominent figure in the local affairs of early Rehoboth, and held many positions of trust and importance. In 1657 he became surveyor, and in the following year held the office of constable. He was on the grand inquest in 1668 and 1678; selectman between 1666 and 1675; and deputy to the General Court at Plymouth, in 1669. He was also a deacon of the church, and on November 2, 1663, was one of a committee appointed to build or buy a parsonage. In King Philip's War he contributed twenty-six pounds to the war fund, the largest sum with two exceptions in the town. He was a prosperous weaver, and his estate was appraised at 681 pounds, one of the largest in Rehoboth. He was buried August 21, 1679. Philip Walker married, about 1654, Jane Metcalf, daughter of Michael Metcalf, of Dedham. She survived him, and married (second) June 2, 1684, John Polley of Roxbury. She lived in the latter place until her death in 1702. Children: Samuel, born Feb., 1655; Sarah, Feb. 16, 1657; Philip, born in March 1661; Elizabeth, twin of Philip, born in March, 1661, drowned Aug. 7, 1664; Mary, born in May, 1663; Experience, in 1664-65, buried Nov. 10, 1674; Elizbeth, April 1, 1666; Michael, March 1, 1667, buried Feb., 1677; Ebenezer, 1676; Martha.
(from History of the state of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations: Biographical; NY: The American Historical Society, Inc. 1920)