Andrew Warner



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Andrew Warner Immigrant Ancestor see  FAMILY TREE

Born: Abt. 1595 Great Waltham, Essex, England


1st: to Mary Humphrey  05 Oct 1624 Thaxted, Essex, England
2nd: to Esther Wakeman


Died: 18 Dec 1684 Hadley, Hampshire, MA


Buried: Old Hadley Cemetery, Hadley, Hampshire, MA    


John Warner


Mary Purchas


1st: Mary Humphrey

2nd: Esther Wakeman

CHILDREN with Mary Humphrey

1. John Warner

2. Mercy Warner

3. Andrew Warner

4. Robert Warner

5. Hannah Warner

6. Ruth Warner

7. Daniel Warner

8. Isaac Warner

CHILDREN with Esther Wakeman

1. Jacob Warner

It is surmised that Andrew Warner came to Cambridge by 1633. He was educated, signed his will and had 10 shillings worth of books. The value of his estate at death was 356 pounds. He left his son "Isaack Werner the one-half of my allotment in Hoccanum"

There is no date of death for the first wife of Andrew Warner and no date of marriage to his second wife, but the Winthrop medical records assist us in approximating the second event. Andrew Warner's youngest child, Jacob, was two years old on July 22, 1660 and therefore born about the middle of 1658. warner's first wife, baptized in 1603, would be far too old to have borne this child, and so Jacob must have been the son of Warner's second wife. Beginning in November 1657 and continuing until March of the following year Winthrop treated Andrew Warner's wife (given name not stated) for lack of menstruation. Neither the doctor nor the patient thought she was pregnant, but she surely was, given Jacob's approximate date of birth."

From "New England Historic Genealogical Register" Vol 94, "Andrew Warner was a resident of Newtowne (Cambridge), Ma as early as 7 January 1633, was admitted a freeman May 14, 1634, joined the company of Rev. Thomas Hooker(100 pilgrims) which went to Connecticut in 1636, settled at Hartford where he was surveyor of the highways, and died at Hatfield, Ma December 18, 1684, aged 90 years."

Another one of our ancestors, John Bronson, was also part of the Thomas Hooker migration.