William Washburn


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William Washburne


Immigrant Ancestor see FAMILY TREE
Baptized: 09 Nov 1601 Bengeworth, Worcestershire, England


Married: Abt.1621 Bengeworth, Worcestershire, England


Died: Abt. 1657  Will proved 11 June 1659 in Hempstead, Long Island, NY    

WIFE: Jane


1, Sarah Washburne b. 26 Mar 1626 Bengeworth, Worchester, England

2. John Washburne b. Abt. 1627 Bengeworth, Worchester, England

3. Mary Washburne b. Abt. 1629 Bengeworth, Worchester, England

4. Hope Washburne b. Bet. 1631-1636 Bengeworth, Worchester, England

5. Martha Washburne b. Abt. 1636 Bengeworth, Worchester, England

6. Martha Washburne b. 18 Dec 1637 Bengeworth Worchester, England

7. Agnes Washburne

8. Phebe Washburne

9. William Washburne

William Washburne (Washburn) was baptized in Bengeworth, Worchester, England in 1601 and lived there until 1637 when his daughter, the second Martha, was baptized. (Daughters Sarah, Martha and Mary's baptisms are in transcripts of the Bengeworth registers preserved in the Episcopal See at Worcester; these same daughters are named in the records of Hempstead.) He had married a Jane around 1621. He may have moved to London before emigrating as he did own land in London at the time of his death.
He was in Stratford, Ct in 1647. In 1653 he purchased land in Oyster Bay on Long Island. Dan Whitehead was one of the other purchasers and there is evidence that he was the brother-in-law of William Washburn giving some to believe that his wife's name was Jane Whitehead.
In Hempstead he is listed as the owner of nine and a half cows. (part owner of one?) He was an Elder of the original Board of Elders of the "First Church" of Hempstead.
He may have died in Hempstead around 1657. His will was proved there June 11, 1659. His son, John Washburn, named his "Loving Uncle Isaac Nicholls of Stratford" in his will giving some to reason that Jane's name may have been Nicholls.