John Webster


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John Webster                        Immigrant Ancestor see FAMILY TREE
Baptized: 16 Aug 1590 Cossington, Leiscestershire, England


Married: 07 Nov 1609 Cossington, Leiscestershire, England


Died: 05 Apr 1661 Hadley, Hampshire, MA    
Buried: Old Hadley Cemetery, Hadley, Hampshire, MA His most eminent descendant, Noah Webster, LL.D., one of the chief lexicographers of the English language, erected in the Old Hadley Cemetery, in 1818, a modest slab upon or near the spot where Gov. Webster was buried, bearing the following inscription:
"To the memory of John Webster, Esq. one of the first settlers of Hartford in Connecticut, who was many years a Magistrate or Assistant, and afterwards Deputy Gov. and Governor of that Colony, and in 1659 with three sons, Robert, William and Thomas, associated with others in the purchase and settlement of Hadley where he died in 1661, this monument is erected in 1818 by his descendant, Noah Webster of Amherst."


Agnes Smith


1. Matthew Webster b. 11 Feb 1608/09

2. Margaret Webster baptized 21 Feb 1611/12

3. William Webster b. 26 Dec 1614

4. Thomas Webster b. 24 Apr 1616

5. Robert Webster b. 24 Nov 1619

6. Anne Webster b. 29 Jul 1621

7. Elizabeth Webster b. 16 Mar 1623/24

8. Faith Webster b. 08 Apr 1627

Immigrated to New England, probably in the early 1630's; moved from Newtowne (now Cambridge), Massachusetts in 1636, and took up residence in what is now Hartford, Connecticut. Became a member of the Connecticut General Court in 1637, and in 1638 was also chosen as a Deputy Commissioner. Served as an Assistant of the colony from 1639 until 1655, when he was named Deputy Governor; elected governor of Connecticut in the spring of 1656.
When his daughter, Margaret, died in 1656 he took in her two remaining children, Jonathan and Mary Hunt.  These grandchildren are named in his will.

In the Northampton, Mass., Probate Records, pages 20 and 21 is recorded the following instrument, attested as a true copy of the last Will and Testament of Mr. John Webster, late of Hadley, deceased.
" I John Webster late of Hartford in the jurisdiction of Connecticut being weak of body yett sound of mind and having my perfect understanding doe ordayne this to be my last will and testament in manner following--
"Imprimis. I comitt my soule into the hands of the Almighty and most mercifull hoping to be saved by the alone meritts of the Lord Jesus Christ being washed with his blood and clothed with his righteousness and sanctifyed by the Holy Ghost. Amen.
"My body also I bequeath to ye earth to be interred with comely bureall (if at this time I be taken out of this world) in some part of the New Plantation on ye east side of the river at Northampton. Moreover my worldly goods which the Lord hath blessed me with and left me as a father's portion, I bestow as followeth.
"To my Deare and beloved wife Agnes Webster I give one bed and comely furniture for ye same. As also my house and lands in Hartford all the profitts of the same during her natural life. And upon her decease all shall come into the hands and be at ye disposal of my executor.
"Item, to my son Matthew Webster I give the summ of ten pounds.
"Item, to my son William Webster I give ye summ of seventy pounds.
"Item, to my son Thomas Webster I give ye summ of fifty pounds.
"Item, to my daughter Marsh I give ye summ of twenty pounds.
"Item, to my daughter Markham I give ye summ of forty pounds.
"To my grandchild Jonathan Hunt I give the summ of forty shillings.
"To my grandchild Mary Hunt I give ye summ of ten pounds.
"To all my grandchildren else in N. England I give ten shillings a piece.
"To Mary the wife of William Holton of Northampton in part of recompence for her great love and paynes for me I give forty shillings.
"To my son Robert Webster I give all the remainder of my estate of one kind and another, whom also I doe appoynt and ordayn to be my sole and full executor of this my last will and testament.
"My will further is that the foresaid legacys should be paid within fifteen months after my decease soe farr as my personall estate (that is all my estate besides houses and lands) will reach and the rest within eighteen months after my wives decease.
"Which of the legacys shall be paid first or how much of them I leave to the discretion and faithfulness of my son Robert desiring yet if there appears any difference he would in it take and act by the advise of my loving friends Nathaneell Ward and Andrew Bacon who have beene acquainted with much of my mind herein. Only my just debts I would have first paid before ye legacys as also my funerall expenses.
"My lott at the New Plantation with ye accommodations thereunto belonging and I give to my sons William and Thomas upon condition of their inhabiting there as I myself was engaged to doe which is also my desire they should---
"and soe doing to have it equally divided between them.

"In witness hereof I have sett to my and this present 25 of June 1659.

in the presence of John Russell, Eleazar Mather