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William Pitt Cleveland Whiting   see FAMILY TREE
Born: 09 Jun 1829 Cheshire, New Haven, CT

Baptized: 06 Dec 1829 Cheshire Congregational Church



Cheshire Congregational Church
State Library of CT, Hartford, Reel #98 Vol VI p. 20
Married: 15 Sep 1852 Rochester, Monroe Co, NY




Rochester Daily Democrat pg 3 Col. 3 Sep 20, 1852 "Married: On the 15th inst., at the Third Presbyterian Church, by the Pastor, W. P. C. Whiting, Esq. of Buffalo, and Sarah E. Hall, of this city."
Died: 02 Jul 1874 San Francisco, CA  
Rochester Daily Union  July 13, 1874, P 3, Col 5, DIED "At San Francisco, Thursday, July 2, of consumption. W.P.C. Whiting."
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Joseph Whiting


Harriet Lewis Cleaveland


Sarah Elizabeth Hall


1. Elizabeth Erickson Whiting b. 21 Jul 1853 Buffalo, Erie Co., NY

2. Jeanette Cleveland Whiting b. 22 Dec 1854 Buffalo, Erie Co., NY

3.  Frances Hall Whiting b. 03 Dec 1859 Buffalo, Erie Co., NY


William Pitt Cleveland Whiting was the oldest child of Joseph Whiting and Harriet Lewis Cleaveland.   His father was one of the two original professors at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.  When WPC was 16 his sister Josephine and his father both died.  The University of Michigan lists him as a student there from 1844-1848 under the category "non graduates". The "Purple and Gold" quarterly, quoted below,  gives us more detail.

   From The Purple and Gold Volume V William Horace Hotchkiss Editor in Chief, Published by the Fraternity, 1888

pg 10 "William Pitt Cleveland Whiting was a son of Prof. Joseph Whiting, one of the first professors of the University of Michigan.  He was short, handsome, had curly black hair, and a full, large, black eye.  He studied law with rogers, Brown & Rogers, of Buffalo N.Y., and afterwards went into practice there.  He subsequently became anxious to make money faster than he could in the law, and went into mercantile schemes and speculations in Chicago and San Francisco, become "immortal" at the latter city in 1874.  written by classmate Charles W. Noble

pg 170 pg. 170 "However, this may be Alpha Epsilon was established not very long before commencement day in 1846.  Its charter remembers were C. W. Noble, H. D. Goodrich, W. W. Phelphs, W. H. Wait, J. b. Witherell, S. Ever,  B. F. Parks, W. P. C. Whiting, H. H. Schoff, S. S. Schoff, G. B. Alcott, D. E. James, G. P. Kellop, and A. B. Leviseee."

pg 171 "We also lost the active membership of Whiting.  His room was about a mile from the college building; he was not, at best, disposed to early rising and still less disposed to attend early chapel, attendance on which, however, was compulsory.  On all thee accounts he succeeded in scoring ten absences, and was in consequence expelled.  -  pg 174 Whiting, whose expulsion from the University has been narrated, was permitted to return and graduate with his class." 

pg 253 " 'Cleve' Whiting is well described on pg 10, as 'short, handsome, had curly black hair, and a full, large black eye.'  His father, Professor Whiting, our Professor of Greek and Latin, had died early in 'Cleve's' college life.  'Cleve' did not inherit any of his father's clerical characteristics, and, while possessing more than average intellect, was indisposed to study or exertion of any kind.  He was one who now and then added his flute to our musical entertainments, and was adored by the girls.  He kept fairly up with his class in study, and was one of the greatest favorites in college for his many estimable qualities, being generous and a warm friend.  After our graduation he and I maintained our college friendship while living together in Buffalo.  I never heard the full particulars of his death."  written by classmate Joseph R. Smith

"pg. 256-7 "Some sensation was created by the departure from college for Europe of Whiting, Witherell, Palmer and James.
Well the party above named started for Europe.  Perhaps the Senator from Michigan may be induced to give us the true story of that trip.  Rumors among the students recited a wonderful tale of their adventures.  It was understood that, at times out of money, these adventurous Americans lined their purses by delivering to the Spanish hidalgos lectures on alchemy, astrology and similar recondite subjects; it was currently believed that one or more of them, in their capacity of distinguished foreigners from the United States attended sundry balls at the Alhambra, danced with the Infanta and other Spanish senoritas of the bluest blood, and that bloodshed along presented those royal and noble ladies from deserting the court of the Spanish King to share the fortunes of their American lovers!"


On May 3, 1849 he is listed as a passenger on the Potomac returning to New York City from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.* see at right The family had been living in faculty housing in Ann Arbor before the death of Joseph, but by 1850 his mother, Harriet, was  living with his sister, Abby who was married, and Ellen  in Buffalo, NY. WPC is listed in Buffalo in 1850 as a student.  

He married Sep 15, 1852 in Rochester, and the couple resided in Buffalo.  On November 22, 1854 his residence was listed for sale in the Buffalo Daily Courier.  "For Sale.  A Modern Built Two Story Brick House on the easterly side of Oak street, south of Clinton.  Supplied with gas, cold and hot water, etc.  Price $3500.  Terms easy.  Apply to W. P. C. Whiting at the office of Ford & Whiting No 3 South Division street."

William Pitt Cleveland Whiting must have moved to San Francisco at about that time.


  In 1867 William Pitt Cleveland Whiting is listed in the Great Register of San Francisco.

Whiting, Wm. Pitt Cleveland  37 Connecticut Atty. at Law Market, n. 3d 10

 He died of consumption in 1874 just before he would have turned 45.

In 1885, his son-in-law Edward J. McCutchen,(husband of his daughter, Elizabeth,) attorney at law, wrote to Lebbeus Foster Spencer in Spencerport about "Mr. Whiting's effects."
Pg 1 of Letter
Pg 2 of Letter
Pg 3 of Letter

San Francisco City Directories

1861 Whiting, W.P.C. (Watson & W.) dwell 110 S Powell

1862-63 Whiting, William P.C. (Wattson & W.) dwl SE cor Dupont and Bush

1865-66 Whiting W.P.C. (Crockett, W. & Wiggins) attorney at law, office 3 Exchange Building, dwl W s Howard bet Eighth and Ninth

1867-68 Whiting W. P.C. (Crockett, W. & Naphtaly) attorney-at-law, office 3, 4 and 5 Exchange Building dwl Lombard nr Kearny

1869 Whiting (W.P.C.) Naphtaly (Joseph) & Neumann (Paul) attorneys at law, office 411 California
         Whiting, William P.C. (Whiting, Naphtaly & Neumann) res Oakland

1871 Whiting, Naphtaly & Neumann (William P. C. Whiting, Joseph Naphtaly and Paul Neumann) attorneys at law, office 430 Cal

1872 Whiting, William P.C. office 430 California  res Walnut Creek, Contra Costa Co.

1873 Whiting W.P.C. Whiting & Naphtaly, res Brooklyn, Alameda Co.
Whiting & Naphtaly,  W.P.C. Whiting and Joseph Naphtaly attorneys at law, office 430 California

1874 Whiting W.P.C. Whiting & Napthaly, dwl Cosmopolitan Hotel
Whiting & Napthaly  W.P.C. Whiting and Joseph Napthaly, attorneys at law,

1875 Whiting, Naphtaly & Neumann (William P.C. Whiting, Joseph Naphtaly and Paul Neumann) attorneys at law, office 430 Cal
Whiting, William P.C. (Whiting, Naphtaly &Neumann) res Oakland