Captain Thomas Willet


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Captain Thomas Willet Immigrant Ancestor see Family Tree

Born: England
Died: 04 Aug 1674 Rehoboth, MA  


Mary Brown

Joanna Boyce  m. 1671

CHILDREN with Mary Brown

1. Mary Willet b. Nov 1637

2. Martha Willet b. 06 Aug 1639

3. John Willet b. 21 Aug1641

4. Sarah Willet b. 04 May 1643

5. Rebecca Willet b. 02 Dec 1644

6. Thomas Willet b. 01 Oct 1646

7. Esther Willet b. 10 Jul 1648

8. James Willet b. 23 Nov 1649

9. Hezekiah Willet b. 1651

10. Hezekiah Willet b. 17 Nov 1653

11. David Willet b. 01 Nov 1654

12. Andrew Willet b. 05 Oct 1655

13. Samuel Willet b. 27 Oct 1658

Successor of Capt Miles Standish in command of the Plymouth Militia and also first English mayor of the City of New York (1663-67)
From Adam and Anne Mott, by Cornell, 1890
"He arrived in the Puritan Colony of Plymouth in 1632, in the ship Lion, with other immigrants from Leyden. - He had made considerable stay in Leyden and had made friends among the Puritans there, and had acquired the Dutch language. - He was nearly 22 years old, and sought to establish himself in business. He made a venture on an attempt to found a trading house on the Penobscot - where fur abounded - and long after this date he appears to have retained business relations with the coast of what we now call Maine."

He traded with the Dutch of New Amsterdam and he was often called upon to settle disputes. After the English took over the governing of New York, Thomas Willet was made the first Mayor.