Katherine Williamson


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Katherine Williamson   see FAMILY TREE

Born: Abt. 1683 Old Rappahannock County, VA
Died: Abt. 1751 Essex Co., VA    


Henry Williamson


Catherine Weeks


William Young

Thomas Montague

Richard Tyler

CHILDREN with William Young

1. William Young b. Bef. 1699

2. Elizabeth Young

3. Henry Young b. Bef. 1700

4. Mary Young b. Abt. 1709

5. Kate Young b. Abt.1712

6. John Young b. Abt.1715

7. Williamson Young b.  1719

"Adventurers of Purse and Person", P 252
Thomas Montague married Katherine, daughter of Henry Williamson and widow of William Young. The will of Thomas Montague Feb. 7, 1720 to May 16, 1721 Essex County, named wife, "son-in-law" (step-son) William Young and "daughter-in-law" (step-daughter) Elizabeth Young, bequeaths "all that parcel of land called 'Montague's Island' to "cozen (nephew) William Montague, son of my brother William Montague" and leaves to "Thomas Paine of Middlesex County, 150 acres out of upper side of my land lying in Essex County."

"Tyler's Quarterly Magazine"
Governor J. Hoge Tyler's Family
Richard Tyler Jr., born probably about 1685, died 1761, married about 1722 Catharine daughter of Henry Williamson and his second wife Catherine Weeks. Catherine Weeks was the daughter of Abraham Weeks.

Essex County, Virginia Records 1717-1722 by John Frederick Dorman
"page 109. 15 Sept. 1719. Katherine Young, widow, to my son Williamson Young. For natural love and affection. Three Negroes, two boys and one woman, that I lately purchased called Alse and Carver and Tempe. "
Katherine (X) Young
Wit: Richd. Covington, Sarah Covington
15 Sept 1719. Acknowledged by Katherine Young