Jonathan Wilmarth



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Jonathan Wilmarth   see Family Tree

Born: Abt.1656


Married: 29 Dec 1680 Rehoboth, Bristol, MA


Died: Aft 1733 Rehoboth, Bristol, MA    


Thomas Wilmarth


Elizabeth Bliss


Esther Peck


1. Esther Wilmarth b. 28 Nov 1681

2. Rebecca Peck Wilmarth b. 30 Aug 1683

3. Daniel Wilmarth b. 07 Dec 168

4. Jonathan Wilmarth b. 05 Aug 1690

5. Margaret Wilmarth b. 31 Aug 1692

6. Stephen Wilmarth b. 16 Apr 1695

7. Thomas Wilmarth b. 22 Feb 1696/97

8. Nathan Wilmarth b. 17 Dec 1700

9. Nathaniel Wilmarth b. 15 Apr 1706

Jonathan served in King Philip's War..."one of the two Rehoboth veterans out of a total of ten, who were living in 1733 when the final list was drawn up of claimants for Narragansett Township No. 4, now Greenwich, Mass., given to the soldiers of King Philip's War or their heirs."
Birth: 1658 in Swansea (later Barrington, 1746), Bristol Co., RI (formerly MA)
Death: AFT 1733 in Swansea (later Barrington, 1746), Bristol Co., RI (formerly MA)
Note: Died "presumably at Rehoboth".