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Elizabeth Wood                                                                see FAMILY TREE (Brooke)

                                                             see FAMILY TREE (White)

Born: Oct 1606 Cheshom, Buckinghamshire, England

Christening: 26 Oct 1606 Cheshom, Buckinghamshire, England


1st to John Potter 14/Apr/1630 Cheshone, Buckinghamshire, England

2nd: to Edward John Parker on 01/Jul/1646 New Haven, New Haven, CT

3rd: to Robert Rose after 1662

Died: 28/Jul/1677 New Haven, New Haven, CT   "The last will of Elizabeth Rose widow N Haven deceased":

Know all whom it may concern that I Elizabeth Rose of New Haven widdow being weak in body yet of competent sound understanding and memory doe make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following; committing my soule into ye hands of Jesus Christ my redemer and my body to a descent buriall according to ye discretion of my executors hereafter to be named; I dispose of my outward estate as followeth. Imps. I doe give and bequeath unto my two sons John Potter and Samll Potter twenty shillings a piece. Item. To my son John Parker my house he lives in with all my land and meadow and all the rights and proveledges thereunto belonging. Item. to my daughter Brooks twenty shillings. Item. to my daughter Hall my small bible, and to my daughter cooke my best sute of apparrell. Item. to all my grandchildren twelve pence a piece. Item. After all my debts and legacyes be paid and other necessary expenses discharged my will is that ye remainder of my estate be equally divided between my three daughters Mary, Hope, and Lydia. And I doe desire and appoint my two sons John Potter and John Parker Joint executors of this my last will and testament and I doe allow them to have out of my estate ten shillings a piece for their care and Pynes therein. And I doe hereby revoke all former wills and declare and publish this to be my last will and testament to which I put my hand and seal this three and twentyeth day of July one thousand six hundred and seventy seven, 1677, signed and sealed in ye presence of ---
but died before signing and sealing.
The inventory of her estate amounted to 49 pounds 11 shillings 9 denari


Henry Wood


Isabell Goodspeed


 1st. John Potter

2nd  Edward John Parker

CHILDREN with John Potter

1. Elizabeth Potter b. Abt 1631

2. Hannah Potter b. Abt 1633

3. John Potter b. Abt 1636

4. Samuel Potter b. Abt 1641

CHILDREN with Edward John Parker

1. Joseph Parker b. Feb/1646-47

2. Mary Parker b. 27/Apr/1648

3. John Parker b. 08/Oct/1648

4. Hope Parker b. 26/Apr/1650

5. Lydia Parker b. 14/Apr/1652

In 1643 John Potter had four persons in the family, estate valued at 25 pounds, and had 28 3/4 acres of land. He died in 1643. His widow, Elizabeth, remarried Edward Parker and was excommunicated for her trouble. For some reason the church did not approve of Mr. Parker. After Mr. Parker died in 1662, she remarried Robert Rose of Branford. [Families of Ancient New Haven]