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Jennie "Jane" Wray see Family Tree  

Born: 09 March 1853 Ontario, Canada

Died: 21 Oct 1936 Mexico City, Mexico

  Jenie Wray death certificate
Death Certificate indicates father "William Wray" and mother "Ann Lindsay"  She was born in London, Canada
Buried: British Cemetery, Mexico City, Mexico   Tombstone reads: "Jennie Wray Shaw    9 Marzo de 1853    21 Octubre de 1936   R.I.P.


William Wray


Ann Lindsay


David Shaw


1. William Fredrick Shaw b. 28 Nov 1874 Teeswater, Ontario, Canada

2. John Ernest Shaw b. 14 May 1886 San Juan Del Rio, Queretaro, Mexico

Biography of Jennie Wray

by Chase and Susan Brooke

Aug 2020

The death certificate for Jane Wray Shaw says she was born in London, Canada and names her parents as William Wray and Ann Lindsay.  There is a record for a James William Wray marrying Ann Lindsay in Malahide, London, Ontario in 1861. This family moved by 1871 to Maryborough, Wellington, Ontario which is only 19 miles from where David Shaw married his first wife.  However, most of the records, including her death record and headstone, say Jenny Wray  was born in 1853 which is eight years before their marriage..
We know her husband, David Shaw, married Sarah Jane Lindsay of Teeswater, daughter of James and Mary Lindsay, in 1874 in Wellington, Ontario.  Their son William was born seven months later.  In 1881 David Shaw left Canada moving to Mexico. His wife, Sarah Jane Lindsay Shaw, seems to have remained in Canada and remarried about 1885.  
While in Mexico David Shaw's wife of record was Jenny Wray and she was referred to as mother of William born in 1874 and John Ernest Shaw born in 1886.  By all accounts she was well loved by all members of David Shaw's family.  All that knew her said she was a very nice lady.
Her husband, David Shaw, was busy building a railroad and often absent.  She took very good care of her two sons and saw to it that they got the education they deserved.  Jane lived in Detroit from 1894-1900 while her son, William, was in medical school in Detroit and her son, John Ernest, at Culver Military School in Indianapolis in the Black Horse Cavalry. The oral history says she ran a boardinghouse while her sons were in school.  The city directories for Detroit show her living at 307 Bagg in 1895/6.  Helen Blair Shaw, her mother-in-law, may have been living with her during part of this time.  When Helen Shaw died in 1897, her death record was signed by Mrs. David Shaw and her residence listed as 307 Bagg.
In the 1920 census Jenny is found in Los Angeles living with her 11 year old grandson, William F. Shaw.  Again, she was probably there because of his education.
Her husband, David Shaw, died in 1910.  After that she is found in several border crossings, often travelling with her son William F. Shaw. She was living with her son William in Mexico City when she died 21 Oct 1936.

In Mar 17, 1912 her son John E Shaw crossed border at Nogales AZ saying mother, Jane R Shaw, lives in Chihuahua, Mexico

Aug 8 1918 Jennie David Shaw is traveling with son Wm. F. Shaw and his family on way back from Chile on way to Los Angeles. Age 63. Birthplace, Canada, Toronto (b. Abt. 1855)

1920 census living in Los Angeles with grandson William F. Shaw age 67 born in Canada, father English, mother English (b. Abt. 1853)

1920 city directory of Los Angeles.  Jennie Shaw widow of David living at 1802 Manhattan Pl.

Sep 24, 1927 Jane Shaw place of birth Toronto, Canada living with son Wm. F. Shaw in Mexico City going to visit her son J. E. Shaw in LA. Age 63 (b. Abt. 1864)

19 Dec 1928 Jennie Shaw travelling with William Shaw crossing boarder at Laredo, Taxas.  Age 74 (b. Abt. 1854)

See page for her husband, David Shaw, for more information.