Henry Young


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Henry Young   see Family Tree

Born: Bef. 1700 South Farnham, Essex Co., VA


Married: Abt. 1728


Died: Bet 20 Oct 1749 - 17 Jul 1750 Essex Co., VA  
Essex County Virginia Historic Homes by Robert LaFollette, Anita Harrower and Gordon Harrower
"Located on the river about two miles from Dunnsville, Waterview was built before 1750 by Captain Henry Young on land he had inherited from his father, William, who in turn, had in 1670 bought it from its first patentees.  The Virginia Landmarks Commission noted the original house, one of the oldest in the county, consisted of one large first-floor room with a loft overhead.  Additions to the early cottage, including a northwest wing containing entrance hall and two bedrooms, and reconstruction following a 1977 fire, have obscured much of the original lines but he large chimney, laid in Flemish bond, is still evident, as is the early portion of the brick basement.  In time, the roofline was altered and most of the woodwork, window sash and floors were replaced."


William Young


Katherine Williamson


Rachel Smith


1. William Young b. 19 Nov 1729

2. Millicene Young b. Abt. 1731

3. John Young b. Abt.1733

4. Smith Young b. Abt. 1737

5. Catherine Young b. Abt. 1738

6. Henry Young b. Abt. 1741

7. Rachel Young b. Abt. 1745

8. Philemon Young b. Abt. 1747

9. Frances Young b. 01 May 1748

10. Patty Young b. Abt. 1749

After the death of Henry young in 1749 a John Smith gave bond as guardian of the orphans of Henry Young on 16 Oct. 1753 (Orphans Account Book 1731-60 pg. 171)  Order Book 19, pg 250, John Smith, Gent. is appointed guardian to Smith, Catherine, Henry, Frances, Rachel, Philemon and Patty Young, orphans of Henry Young, Gent. deceased. It seems that this John Smith is not the  John Smith (of King and Queen County) brother of Rachel Smith, but rather Rachel's cousin, John Smith of Essex County, whose sister, Mary, had married John Young, the brother of this Henry Young.  It seems that this John Smith, after the death of the three brothers, John Young, Williamson Young and Henry Young, all in one year, became guardian for the children of Henry Young and his brother John Young.

John Smith stayed on as guardian for the children of John Young until his death in 1759 at which time his brother Samuel Smith took over as guardian of the children of John Young.

Two of the children of Henry Young were old enough to choose their own guardians at this time. This means they were of the "age of reason" age 14 or over.
Order Bk 23, pg 293 1760
Frances Young chose James Jones
Rachel Young chose John Richards
Philemon Young had James Jones appointed as his guardian.  (He was under 14)


In 1762 when Smith Young was bringing suit against his siblings:

Millicent Young is married to John Richards
Cathy Young is married to William Tyler - in a subsequent court record she is married to Latane Montague

Henry and Patty Young have William Young as their guardian

Rachel Young has John Richards as her guardian

Philemon and Frances Young have James Jones (who had married Rachel, the widow of Henry Young) as their guardian
Order BK 24 pg 159) Essex County, VA  Court Date 20 Sept 1762

For typed version of this document, see page for Smith Young


Henry Young became indentured to Alexander Saunders, "the sd Alexander Saunders to teach & instruct in the art & mystery of a house carpenter or joiner."  Deed BK    20/Apr/1761

Philemon became indentured to Alexander Saunders  in Aug 1761 Order Bk 23 pg 381


WILL  abstract from Essex County, Virginia Records 1717-1722  Abstracted and Compiled by John Frederick Dorman.  1959

In the Name of God Amen.  October the Thirtieth one thousand seven hundred and forty nine.  I Henry Young of the County of Essex Gent. being sick and weak of body but of sound and disposing mind and memory do make this my Last Will and Testament in manner and form following:  First, I give my body to the Earth to be buried in such decent manner as my Executrix and Executors herein after mentioned shall think fit trusting in the merits of my Blessed Saviour Christ for the Salvation of my Soul and as to my worldly goods which it hath pleased Almighty God to bestow upon me.  I give devise and dispose of in manner following:
   First, I give devise & bequeath unto my Son William Young and to his heirs forever the Land and Plantation whereon Capt. Richard Tyler now lives bounded as follows: Beginning at the mouth of the Creek on the lower side of the Plantation and runing up the same line made by me & the said Tyler, so along the said line to the back line of my land, thence along the several courses thereof to the South Branch of the Beaver Dams or Creek between my Dwelling Plantation & said Taylers thence down the said Creek to the mouth thereof thence down the River to the mouth of the Creek first mentioned.  But for as much as there is a parcel of Entailed Land in the County of Middlesex now in the possession of the said Tyler, the right of which after the said Tylers death will decend to my said Son, William Young, now the devise of the above mentioned land to him my said Son is upon this express Condition, that my said Son, William, whenever the said Entailed Land shall decend to him, that he break the Entail thereof and convey the same to my Son, Henry Young, and to his heirs forever, otherwise the devise of the land above mentioned to my said Son, William Young, to be void and give devise and bequeath the same to my Son Henry Young and his heirs forever..
   I leave the use of my Dwelling Plantation bounded by the Creek between the said Plantation & that of Capt. Tylers up to the Fork so up the North Branch to the upper line by Richard Cauthorns, thence down the said line to the River side, thence down the River to the beginning Creek to my loving Wife for and during her natural life and after her decease I give devise and bequeath the same to my Son, John young, and to his heirs forever.
   I I give devise and bequeath unto my Son, Smith Young, and to his heirs forever, all that my Plantation and parcel of land between the North & South Branches of the Beaver Dam Creek and the back line commonly called and known by the name of the Tent Quarter.
   I give devise & bequeath unto my Son, Philemon Young, and his heirs forever all that my Plantation and parcell of Land below the first mentioned Creek commonly called and known by the name of Old Tom's.
   I lend my loving Wife the use of five of my best slaves which she shall chose and my best bed and furniture during her natural life and after her decease the said slaves and increase &c. i give equally to be divided among all my Children.
   I give all the rest of my slaves and their increase to be equally divided among all my Children to them my said children & their heirs forever.  All the rest and residue of my Estate of what nature or kind soever I give to my children to be equally divided among them lending my Wife and equal share with them during her natural life and the lot falling to her after he decease to be equally divided among all my Children.
   Lastly. I appoing my loving Wife Executrix and her Father Mr. Maurice Smith & his Son, John Smith, of the County of King & Queen Gent. Gent. and my Son, William Young, Executors of this my Last Will & Testament.  In Witness whereof I have herunto set my hand and seal the day and year before mentioned.
Signed Sealed Published 7 declared by the said
Henry Young as & for his Last Will & Testament
in the presence of us

  Philip Jones
Jno. Clements
Richd Tyler
N.B. If my dear and loving Wife should be with Child, I leave it an equal share of all my personal & real Estate with the rest of my Children.  H. Young  

   At a Court held for Essex County at Tappahannock on the 17th day of July Anno dom: 1750
This land Will and Testament of Henry Young deceased was this day exhibited in Court by Rachel Young, Executrix and John Smith and William Young, Executors therein named to be proved the same is accordingly duely proved by the oath of the said Exrx & Exrs and also by the oath of Philip Jones, John Clements and Richard Tyler all the witnesses thereto and thereupon was admitted to record and is truly recorded
                                                          Test   John Lee   C. E. Cur