Philemon Young


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Philemon Young
Born: Abt. 1747 South Farnham, Essex Co., VA    


Henry Young


Rachel Smith

In 1753 John Smith is appointed guardian to Philemon Young (Order Book 19, pg 250)

In 1760 Philemon is not old enough to choose his own guardian.  James Jones, his mother's new husband, is appointed his guardian


     Essex Co., VA   Order BK 23  pg 293
"An Indenture between Philemon Young orphan of Henry Young Gent dec'd and Alexander Saunders was acknowledged by the parties and ordered to be certified"


    Order BK 23 pg 381  Court Date 17/Aug/1761  
In the 1762 court order of the suit of Smith Young vs his siblings, Philemon is referred to as "Infant" with James Jones as guardian


     Order Bk 24 pg 159  20/Sept/1762
1764 his guardian Alex Saunders is getting reimbursed for his care.  Smith Young is getting paid for boarding two Negroes.     Guardian BK 1761-1796 Pg 56-57
In 1768, Philemon Young is old enough to own land. A deed in Essex Cty, Virginia dated December 9, 1768 shows John Young and Rachel, his wife, selling land that adjoins that of Philemon Young.   
On October 1, 1771 Philemon Young of Talbot Co. MD sold the land he got of his father, Henry Young, deceased, to Henry Young of Essex Co., VA for 75 pounds.
Deed Bk 30 pg 477
Deed Bk 30 pg 477