Rachel Young


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Rachel Young   see Family Tree


Henry Young


Rachel Smith


John Young


1. Frances Young

2. Jane Young

3.  John Smith Young  

4. Henry Young b. 1781

5. Millicine Young b. bef. 1782

6. Elizabeth Young b. 1783

7. James Taylor Young b. 21 Dec 1785


In 1753 John Smith is appointed guardian to Rachel Young (Order Book 19, pg 250)

In 1760 Rachel is old enough to choose John Richards as her guardian
  Essex Co., VA   Order BK 23  pg 293
In the 1762 court order of the suit of Smith Young vs his siblings, Rachel is referred to as "Infant"


  Order Bk 24 pg 159  20/Sept/1762
In 1762 Rachel's guardian is reimbursed for her dancing lessons   Essex Co., VA Guardian BK 1761-1796 Pg 39
In 1764-65 Rachel was still a ward of John Richards.  He files for his expenses at King and Queen Co. and for the trouble of going to King And Queen three times to settle with (?) Smiths.(Exc.?)          Guardian BK 1761-1796  pg 57
In 1764 when Mary Young, daughter of William Young and Elizabeth Smith, was born, Rachel Young served as a "gossip". (godmother).   Mary Young born Feb. 29th 1764 and christened March 18th.
Smith Young, William Smith, Mary Webb, Rachel Young, Anne Smith and Patty Young, Gossips

Circumstantial evidence leading us to believe Rachel then married her first cousin, John Young

From the sightings above we know Rachel Young was alive until 1764.  After that there is no trace of this Rachel Young in Essex Co., VA   In Dec 1768 John Young and his wife "Rachel" are living in Granville Co., NC and selling land to Henry Young that they owned in Essex Co., VA which adjoined land of Philemon Young.

For the following additional reasons we believe that Rachel in fact married her cousin, John Young.  It was not unusual in this family for first cousins to marry. 

 Pattern of naming children.

It was common practice to name children after relatives. Frances, John, Henry, and Millicene are all siblings of Rachel. Millicene Richards was the guardian for Rachel after the death of her mother.

In John Young's family there is no Millicene or Frances.  Henry was his uncle.  John was his father.

Millicene is not a common name.  So the fact that Rachel's guardian and Rachel's daughter have the same name seems to be more than a coincidence. 

  Children of Rachel and John Young

1. Frances

2. Jane

3. John

4. Henry

5. Millicene

6. Elizabeth

7. James




Children of Henry Young and Rachel Smith

1. William

2. Millicene

3. John

4. Smith

5. Catherine

6. Henry

7. Rachel

8. Philemon

9. Frances

10. Patty