Captain William Young


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Captain William Young   see Family Tree

Born: Aft.1677


  Not yet 21 at the time of his father's will written Nov. 30, 1696.
Married: Abt. 1697


Died: 1718 Essex Co., VA    


William Young




Katherine Williamson


1. William Young b. Bef. 1699

2. Elizabeth Young

3. Henry Young b. Bef. 1700

4. Mary Young b. Abt. 1709

5. Kate Young b. Abt. 1712

6. John Young b. Abt. 1715

7. Williamson Young b.  1719

William Young, Ruth Covington and Leon Hill gave a bond for being guardians of Frances Williamson, orphan of Henry Williamson, on the 20th day of August,.1702 Deed and Will Bk #10, Essex Co., VA pg 118

WILL abstract from Essex County, Virginia Records 1717-1722  Abstracted and Compiled by John Frederick Dorman.  1959
Will of William Younge of Essex County, So., Farnham Parrish, being sick and weak in body, dated 19 Dec. 1718.
     My track or dividend of land whearon I now live be equally divided between my two sons William Younge and Henry Younge beginning at the small hickories on Rappanhanock River side in a neck of woodland ground over a small creek              my dwelling house and quarter standing at the head of the said neck and so along a line of marked trees made and marked by me (before Richd,. Bush, Richd. Carder, John Coutance and John Ewing) to the abovesaid creake to the head line of the said dividend of 398 acres, being formerly granted to Henry Soanes.  The one moiety or equal part whereon my house I now live in stands I give to my son William Younge, the other part to my son Henry Younge, not debarring my wife of her right of dower.
     My dear and loving wife Katharine Younge, the best bead and furniture in my house and 5 sterling.
     All my Negroes and my personall estate be appraised by three honest men chosen by my executors.
     My son John Younge shall have all that tract or dividend of land which was bequeathed unto me by James Marsh, deceased.
     After my Negroes and personall estate is appraised it be equally divided between my wife (she having her legasie first paid) and six children named William Younge, Elizabeth Younge, Henry Younge, Mary Younge, Kate Young and John Younge, my wife to enjoy her part dureing her naturall life and then to be equally divided amongst my six children.
     The child which my wife is now bigg with if it should be a male child, all that tract or divident of land which I bought of William Smith being 156 acres joyning unto my land, but in case it should be a female then to be equally divided between my two sons William Young and Henry Younge.
     My wife keep the children and their estates untill they come to age to take their own estates.
     My loving wife executrix and my son William Younge and my son Henry Younge executors.
     Unto my cozen Richard Carter my horse named Wanton.
                                                                        Will Young
     Wit: Benja. Morris, John Hayes, John Goare, Richd. Carter.
     17 March 1718 (1719).  Presented in Court by Katherine Young.  Proved by Benja. Morris, John Hayes and Richd. Carter.

Capt. Wm. Young.  Inventory.  29 May and 6 June 1719.  Made pursuant to order of 20 May 1719.  Presented by Madam Catherine Young.  Total valuation 1170.5.7  including 25 Negroes valued at 637 pounds.  Signed by Catherine (X) Young.       Leo. Hill    Isaac Webb    Pr. Godfrey
18 Aug. 1719.   Returned.