The Brouwer Genealogy Database - Progenitors
Direct Links to Adam Brouwer, Jan Brouwer, and Willem Brouwer, the progenitors of the three Brouwer families with beginnings in New Netherland, as well as links to some other early Brouwers and Brewers. The surname, Brouwer, is derived from an occupation. Just as no reasonable person would expect all Smiths, Millers, Coopers, Farmers, Carpenters, Bakers, etc. to be related to all others of the same surname, there is no rational reason to expect that all Brouwers (Brewers) are related either. None of those listed below is a proven relation of any of the others.
  • Adam Brouwer Born in Cologne, a soldier of the WIC in Brazil before arriving at New Amsterdam in 1642. He became a miller at Gowanus on Long Island and is the progenitor of the largest of the three Brouwer families found in 17th century New Netherland, with an "increase" of 14 children, at least 97 grandchildren and more than 350 great-grandchildren.
  • Jan Brouwer Also known as Johannes Brouwer, born in Amsterdam, he came to New Netherland in 1657 and settled as a blacksmith at Flatlands, Long Island. At least two of his sons left descendants a number of whom settled in New Jersey in the first half of the 1700's.
  • Willem Brouwer Willem Brouwer was in New Amsterdam in 1655 and first appears at Beverwijck (present day Albany, New York) in 1657. His son Hendrick was among the first settlers at Schenectady. Willem's descendants make up the majority of Brouwers found in the Schenectady area and in Montgomery County, New York well into the 19th century.
  • Hubert Brower He arrived at Philadelphia in 1726 with three sons, Christian, John and Henry who all settled in Chester Co., Pa. Descendants through the 1800s are found in Chester, Berks, Schuylkill Cos., Pa.; Preble and Montgomery Cos., Ohio; Miami Co., Indiana and probably elsewhere. Descendants are numerous and this family should be considered if your "supposed" links to Adam or Jan Brouwer cannot be proved. It is hoped that a direct descendant of Hubert will join the Brewer DNA Project so that a record of his DNA profile can be obtained for comparison to others.
  • Jan Gerritsen Brouwer Born by 1635, his wife was Annetje Laurens and they were in New Amsterdam by 1655. Jan and his family were back in the Netherlands by 17 Nov 1666 when a child was baptized in Amsterdam. No known descendants have since been found in the American Colonies.
  • Philip Hendrickszen Brouwer Born by 1635, died at Schenectady in 1664. His wife was Elsje Tjerk. It has been suggested by the early Schenectady historian, Jonathan Pearson, that he was a brother of Willem Brouwer (above). However, Pearson added that there is no proof of a relationship between the two. Philip is famous for having shot to death (accidently) Claas Cornelisz Swits. He has no known descendants.
  • Thomas Harmenszen Brouwer A farmer from Sevenbergen, Thomas came to New Amsterdam in March 1662 aboard the "In the Faith." Further records are yet to be found.
  • Peter Bruere Stated to have come from France in 1690 with his widowed mother. His descendants, with the surname Bruere or Bruer, but sometimes, Brewer, are found in Monmouth, Burlington and Mercer Cos., New Jersey thru the 1700s and 1800s.
  • Henry Brewer/Henrich Brauer Born ca. 1735, he likely is the immigrant ancestor to America, settling at Bedford Co., Pa. Many descendants are found in Darke Co., Ohio. Y-DNA results from a descendant demonstrates that his family is not related to any other Brewer or Brower family found in pre-1850 America. (Also see the DNA Analysis page).
  • Jacob Brower Born in 1763 in Prussia. He came to America and served during the Revolutionary War while a resident in Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania. In 1832, as a resident of Mifflin Co., Pennsylvania he applied for a pension for his service. Many descendants.
  • Johan Theobald Brua Also known as Theobald or Dewalt Brua. He was born in Hirschland (Alsace region of France) and brought his family to America in 1741. The surname appears variously as Brua, Bruah and Bruwa, and also as Brewer which was prominant with those descended from Gustavus/Joost Brua. The majority (but probably not all) of the Brewer families found in Washington Co., Maryland and Franklin Co., Pennsylvania between 1776 and through the 1800's are descended from Theobald Brua. Other descendants, also with the Brewer surname, made their way westward and are found in Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri. Those who are looking for the next connection after tracing their Brewer ancestors to any of these places in the mid 1800's, must be aware of the possibility that that they are Brua descendants.