The Brouwer Genealogy Database - Willem Adriaensen (Bennet)
Nov. 3, 2012: Willem Adriaensen was the second husband of Maria Badie. Descendants adopted the surname, BENNET. Some descendants were covered in "Willem Adriaense Bennet of Brooklyn, N. Y. and Some of His Descendants," by Wilson V. Ledley and published in the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record begining with volume 93 (1962) no. 4, and ending with volume 95 (1964) no. 4. Much of Ledley's work in this series was based upon the previous, but unpublished, work of John Reynolds Totten and Andrew D. Chidsey (who focused on the Bennets of Bucks Co., Pennsylvania). The earlier work of Andrew J. Provost, Jr., whose account of the Bennet families of Kings County, New York, was compiled in his "Early Settlers of Bushwick, Long Island," was also consulted by W. V. Ledley. His series of articles, spanning over two years, has largely been accepted at face value since its publication (there have been a few published corrections). A recent, critical examination of the entire series has forced me to conclude that there are many errors in W. V. Ledley's account of the Bennet family. Some of the errors involve the earlier generations and therefore their effects reverberate throughout later generations and effect other Bennet families. There has even been found a number of Bennet individuals and families that can only be described as fictional. The chart below is a guide to my current understanding of how the Bennet family, that is Descendants of Willem Adriaensen should appear. Please understand that this is a large and complicated family, and what is found below is a work in progress and is subject to change and correction itself. I do believe that it does, however, represent a better and more accurate account of the Descendants of Willem Adriaensen. The name links will direct you to individual profiles. I wish to thank Mike Morrissey and Liz Johnson for their input, insight, help and assistance in locating and correcting errors to Wilson V. Ledley's published work.