The Brouwer Genealogy Database - Unplaced

Quick links to individuals whose ancestry has yet to be determined. This page is currently limited to those unplaced ancestors who have descendants that have participated in the Brewer DNA Project. Others may be added in the future.

January 2012: "Contacts" have been added to some of the unplaced below. Contacts are persons who are currently researching the unplaced individual whom they are listed under. The Contacts would like to correspond with any others who are researching the same person. This is being provided as a means to allow researchers with a common, specific interest, an easy way to contact each other directly without having to first contact me. I, of course, would be interested to hear of any new discoveries that come out of any correspondence, especially if an unplaced ancestors origins are discovered. If you are a descendant of one of the unplaced listed below, or if you have a research interest in any of them, feel free to contact me ( and I will add your name and e-mail to the particular unplaced individual you specify.

  • Aaron W. Brewer Born 1828 in Greene Co., Ohio, he died in 1906 in Douglas Co., Illinois. DNA test results from a direct male descendant demonstrate that Aaron W. Brewer was a descendant of Jan Brouwer of Flatlands, L. I. and is closely related to Stephen Brewer below. Contact: Marg Bond,

  • Abraham Brewer He married Eunice Griswold and lived at Chemung, Tioga Co., New York. Although we do not have complete lineages, we believe that two descendants of Abraham Brewer have particpated in the Brewer DNA Project and have taken Y-DNA tests. The two (kit #s 184043 and 132341) have the predicted haplogroup of R-M269. They match each other on 64/67 STR markers. The two kits are either both descended from Abraham Brewer, or are descended from an ancestor of Abraham Brewer who lived sometime within the past 20 generations.
  • Daniel P. Brower Born in 1802 at Poughkeepsie, New York, died in 1873 at Northfield, Ohio. His father is believed to be a Philip Brower and his mother's surname is thought to be Pinckney. A Y-DNA tested descendant does not match tested descendants of either Adam Brouwer of Gowanus or Jan Brouwer of Flatlands.
  • Elias E. Brower Born ca. 1783, he lived at Freehold and Marlboro in Monmouth County, New Jersey. His wife was Elizabeth More. A descendant has, through Y-DNA testing, confirmed Elias as a descendant of Jan Brouwer of Flatlands. His middle initial "E." MAY stand for Elias, and MAY be his father's given name. Contact: Hank Graham,

  • Henry Brewer Brewer DNA Project, kit no. 32813. A descendant of Adam Brouwer, he is referred to as Heinrich Bruer by a direct descendant. (He may well have been born as Hendrick Brouwer). The DNA results indicate that he is closely related to Peter Brewer (below). Henry, or Heinrich, and his descendants are found and appear to have remained in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania throughout the 1800's. Contact: Mary Brewer,

  • Henry Brewer Kit no. 182867. He died in 1829 in Adams Co., Ohio. Family tradition has placed him as a son of a couple named Abraham Brouwer and Mary Wilts, however, no evidence that such a couple existed has been found. The participant, and Henry ARE descendants of Adam Brouwer, but the trail back to Adam is yet to be discovered.
  • Jacob Brewer Kit no. 75657. Jacob lived in Chatham, Quebec and died about 1824. The DNA test tells us that he is closely related to others descended from Adam Brouwer's son Nicholas, and is likely a descendant of Jeremiah Brower/Brewer of Highgate, Vermont. The link has not yet been found.
  • Jeremiah John Brower Brewer DNA Project, kit no.107708. Jeremiah John Brower is a descendant of Adam Brouwer, and by virtue of his name, Jeremiah, most probably descended through either Adam's son Abraham or son Nicholas. Born in 1815, in New York, Jeremiah John Brower is first found in Cass County, Indiana and lived for much of his life in Jackson Twp., Lucas Co., Iowa. It is suspected that his father was a John Brower who is found in Cass County, IN in 1840. Contact: Lois Brower,

  • John Brewer Born ca. 1786, died in 1877, lived in New York City, buried at the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. His wife was Mary Smack. A direct male descendant of John Brewer has taken a Y-DNA test with the Brewer DNA Project (FamilyTreeDNA, kit #405203). The descendant is placed (as of June 2015) in Haplogroup R-M512. He matches kit #109921 on 24/25 and 61/67, and kit #68653 on 34/37. [Kits 109921 and 68653 match on 33/37]. The ancestor of kit #68653 is Peter Brewer (1740-1804, m. Elizabeth Stone). The ancestor of Kit #109921 is claimed to be an Abraham Brewer (1750-1824).
  • John Brewer of Scioto Co., OH DNA testing of descendants has confirmed that John is a descendant of Jan Brouwer of Flatlands and he was one of the subjects of the October 2007, NYG&BR article, "DNA Analysis: Adam Brouwer Berckhoven, Elias Brewer and John Brewer." However, John's immediate ancestry is still not known. Contact: Marg Bond,

  • John J. Brewer Kit no. 118063. John J. Brewer, born in New Jersey, married Elizabeth (possibly Waters, or possibly Britton). They began their family in New Jersey and moved to Williamson, Wayne Co., New York in about 1830. John J. Brewer is a descendant of Jan Brouwer of Flatlands, as shown by DNA testing of descendants, however, his immediate ancestry is still not known. Contact: Marg Bond,

  • John Rose Brewer DNA Project, kit nos. 7689, 9135, 8068, 67034, 64319, 99500. John Rose is first believed to be found in Rockingham Co., Virginia (east Pa.'s southern border) and finally in Ohio. Test results from his descendants do not match those of any other Rose families, although they do show a close relationship to the descendents of John Brewer (above). The Brewer - Rose connection is yet to be discovered. Contact: Marg Bond,

  • Lucas Brewer Born ca. 1806-1808, married Amanda Grace and lived at Elmira, N.Y. A descendant has participated in the Brewer DNA Project with no matches to any other known Brewer or Brower particpant. Lucas is NOT descended from Adam Brouwer (as had been previously theorized). He may be of Irish ancestry.
  • Peter Brewer Brewer DNA Project, kit no. 28193. Certainly a descendant of Adam Brouwer (more probably through Adam's son Pieter). Peter Brewer appears to have been born in the decade of 1750-1760, possibly in Sussex County, New Jersey. He is found in Westmoreland Co., Pa. in the late 1780's and finally in Hardin Co., Kentucky. He apparently had a brother Samuel (below).
  • Peter Brewer Claimed to have been born in 1740, he married Elizabeth Stone, and left descendants in Greene Co., NY, Allegheny Co., NY, and Michigan. Peter had previously been considered, by some, to have been a son of Johannes Brouwer (a descendant of Adam Brouwer) & Elizabeth Concklin. Recent DNA testing of a descendant (kit #68653), however, demonstrates that Peter Brewer is NOT a descendant of Adam Brouwer. The descendant has a predicted haplogroup of R-M512. He matches on 34/37 STR markers with kit #405203 and on 33/37 with kit #109921. All three participants likely have a common ancestor found in the colonial period (1600 or 1700s). The ancestor of #405203 is John Brewer (ca.1786-1877) above.
  • Peter Brewer He married Polly Herkimer and it is claimed that they had three sons, Matthew, John and Lucas/Lucius who were born in the first decade of the 1800s. For more also see the "In Search Of" page at the Brouwer Genealogy website (no.1).
  • Richard Brewer Kit no. 157835. He married Mary Blann in Albany or Schenectady Co. New York, lived at Duanesburg, NY, then Tompkins, Delaware Co., NY. Through DNA testing we know him to be a descendant of Jan Brouwer of Flatlands, but his direct ancestry has not been discovered. Contact: Marg Bond,

  • Stephen Brewer Born ca. 1772, married Mary Whitsett and settled in Grant Co., Indiana. A descendant has participated in the Brewer DNA Project (kit no. 80836) demonstrating a descent from Jan Brouwer of Flatlands and a close relationship to the descendants of John Brewer (d.1809) (see above). Contact: Marg Bond,

  • Sylvanus Brower He is shown as a possible son of George Brower and Anna Combs, but this is not certain. A descendant of Sylvanus Brower has participated in the Brewer DNA Project. However, the test results demonstrate that the participant is not a genetic descendant of Jan Brouwer of Flatlands (the earliest known ancestor of the Browers found in the Five-Towns area of Hempstead where Sylvanus lived his entire life). An "adoption event" is suspected, and as the ancestry from the participant back to Sylvanus appears to be sound, that "adoption event" likely occurred with Sylvanus or prior to his birth.
  • William Brewer Brewer DNA Project, kit no. 46637. A descendant of Adam Brouwer. Also seen as William Bruer, he is found in Southwark, Philadelphia in the first half of the 1800's. His age, given as 73 in 1850, is probably overstated and he was more likely born in the decade of the 1790's. His grandson Joseph Brower left Philadelphia for Birmingham, Alabama in the late 1880's. DNA test results indicate that he is most closely related to Peter Brewer, and Henry Brewer (above).