Brick Wall Page. Genealogy of Brian Rowe and the late C. Raeleen J. Rowe nee Hall ChCh. N. Z.

Brick Wall Page.
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The page where we post the problems that we have not been able to find answers to, yet.
Please, can you help?

William Rowe (86). When did he die? Where did he die? Where is he buried?  link to Rowe-Pollock page          
Why, at least in New Zealand, is there no findable certificate of his death?                         
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Name (putative), Dugald Currie (294), Name variation, Dougald Currie (294)
Born  c 1818, Islay, Scotland, (possibly Argyll).
New Zealand arrival, possibly at Bluff, the port of Invercargill, Otago now Southland, New Zealand. From Scotland
C 1854 in the ship 'The Robert Henderson'.
Married (--?--) (--?--).
Occupation. Family history suggests a possible association with the 'Glenure Station', Southland, New Zealand.
He probably died before 12 Nov. 1917. Link to Currie shipping table

Can you solve the riddle? Please, would you like to read his file? Just click on the graphic.  
Open a Currie documnet A document showing some dates and names of 'Currie' or 'Curry' Port of Bluff arrivals.

The above is just two of many unresolved puzzles.
There are many more yet to be listed.  Workin On It graphic

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