Family History Introduction, Brian Rowe and the late C. Raeleen J. Rowe nee Hall, Christchurch New Zealand.

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Our (putative) Family History section has been divided into two trees.

           Paternal Tree (putative). Starting with;pencil.gif (3293 bytes)
Go To, Brian Rowe (1) page  Brian Rowe (1) born 12 Nov. 1933, Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand.     
                    Married,   3 Nov. 1962, Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand.

GoTo clickable graphic    Maternal Tree (putative). Starting with;
             the late, C. Raeleen J. Rowe, nee Hall, born 11 May 1938, Oamaru, Otago, New Zealand.
               Died 22 February 2003, at The Princess Margaret Hospital, Christchurch New Zealand.

           Relatives. Some of the relatives and siblings of persons related to our tree may also be shown in this web site, or, are shown within our family history.
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The following are the first putative ancestral surname connections to arrive in New Zealand.

Given Name

Birth, Death Ships Name

John (614) and his wife

(c1808 d?) 'Bernicia' 1848

Helen (615) nee Murray

(c1816 d1902) 'Bernicia' 1848

Thomas (135)

(b1832 d1914)

Dugald (294)

(b c1818 d?) 'Robert Henderson'

John (297)

(b1840 d1917) 'Pladda' 1860


Thomas (351) and his wife

(b1811 d1904) 'Duke of Portland'

Mary (352) nee Boot

(c1811 d?) 'Duke of Portland'
Magee, McGee

Thomas (82)and wife

(c1844 d?) 'Helen Burns'1874
Magee, M'Gee

Mary (83), nee Thomas

(c1850 d1917) 'Helen Burns'1874

Anne McKenzie (401)

(1816 d a1877) 'Mermaid' 1868

Catherine (87)

(b1860 d ?) 'Dunedin' 1874

John (10)

(b1859 d1945) 'Boyne' 1878

William (86)

(b c1857 d?) (seems to have swum!)


Annie Hodder (141)

(b 1839 d1926) 'Mermaid' 1868

James (565) and wife

(1819 1890) 'Waitangi' 1877

Sophia (566) nee Rickards

(1834 1890) 'Waitangi' 1877

Margaret (341)

(1855 1909)

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