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Some Family History, and other internet sites you may wish to visit.
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Genealogy pages:
Our grateful and appreciative thanks to Roots web,
for having our web place at their web place.

New Zealand
Genealogy Help List, New Zealand. http://helplist.org/nzl/index.shtml
Land Information, New Zealand, (a place name finding aid),
New Zealand Genealogy Web Ring, https://sites.rootsweb.com/~nzlwgw/

Christchurch Public Library home page, Christchurch City Libraries Home Page
Canterbury, mid and north, Gen Web Project, http://www.pycroft.co.nz/nzgenweb/cbygwbc1.htm


We found some interesting items at the, Armstrong Clan Page. (the link has been faulty, it is now disabled).
(you could however do a web search for it, use Armstrong and Clan and page.

Our Magee ancestors came from County Down, Ireland
http://www.countydown.com/   has some nice maps.

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