Rowe, Brian and the late C. Raeleen J. Rowe nee Hall,  Christchurh, NZ. Their Genealogy page.

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Brian and C. Raeleen J. Rowe, nee Hall
Christchurch, New Zealand.

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Brian and the late C. Raeleen J. Rowe nee Hall, their genealogy and family history. Christchurch, New Zealand.

Alert Ani image Standard disclaimer.
The compiler of these pages, Brian Rowe (1) expresses our own opinions and conjecture within these genealogical files. Opinions and conjecture based on the information that we, and others have gathered, that we also have recorded in paper and electronic form.     
We therefore believe that it is our right and privilege to express them on that basis, errors and omissions excepted.   
Errors and-or omissions, will be changed promptly when brought to our attention.
Of course our views are always subject change, when other data becomes available.
[He typed with a hopeful smile].

We do not make a statement regarding the presentation, format, accuracy, or otherwise of the material you see, the source of that material, or its relevance.
Except the 'surety' estimate numbers provided in 'The Master Genealogist' program, (which see).
We will attempt to provide full data source information.
Rechecking the data shown, hopefully with our citation system, will have been made easier, for you, the reader.
Rechecking and feedback, from you, the reader, is actively encouraged.

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to Brian and the late C. Raeleen Rowe.
This web page, all parts, images, charts, text, etc., contained therein, along with the intellect for their compilation is copyright.
Reproduction in any other form, for commercial use, or publication in any medium expressly prohibited.
Selected sections may of course be used for the purpose of personal genealogy research,
but only if the following conditions are agreed to and abided by.
This web page and the authors must be identified and acknowledged and where possible, linked.
The material is quoted as it appears within this web page, including the original researcher(s),
original source(s), plus, where shown, the surety value of that reference.





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