Interests of Brian and Raeleen Rowe. Genealogy of B. Rowe and C. R. J. Rowe, nee Hall, N. Z.

Some of the family tree information we have for our
Rowe and Hall Family History.

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In a very, Brian hopes, very temporary format, because this web site has the space for graphics, the things we do on the internet are now in a state of change.

Link to, About Us page Our About Us page.

Who we are Where we are. What we are trying to do.

Link to, Our Genealogical page Our genealogical program for information about it.

Many computer programs are used to record our Family History.
We use a genealogical computer program, The Master Genealogist for this work.
Please, would you take a moment to read about the way our genealogy is formatted, presented
and most importantly, the accuracy and sources of that information. Just click above link, thank you.

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