Isaac Meares, Sr.  

This lineage page will show names from the very beginning of the matriarchal side of the Fernie Edward Brown, Sr. family.  This list will start in descending order.

Isaac Mear(e)s, married Mary Chancy** (FW)1 [Date of Marriage: Aug.8., 1866]   

1.Dan Mear(e)s**

2.Charlie Mear(e)s**

3. Fannie Mear(e)s**

4. Winnie Mear(e)s**    
   marr. ________Williams** [1st marriage]
   marr. ________Baldwin**  [2nd marriage]

1. Isaac B. Mear(e)s, Jr.**
   Isaac Meares marr. Mary Catherine Baldwin**
[Mary Catherine is the daughter of Frank Baldwin of Columbus County]

   Children of Isaac B. Meares, Jr. and Mary Catherine Baldwin:  

                i.  Eddie Oscar Mear(e)s**
                ii. Addie Dora Mear(e)s**
                        marr. Jesse J. Mitchell**


2. Silvia Mear(e)s** [Never married, Attended Barber-Scotia College and became a schoolteacher]

3. George Mear(e)s** {Twin to Andrew} [Date of Marriage: June 20, 1901]
   marr. Sarah Graham**

4. Andrew Mear(e)s** {Twin to George} [Never married]

5. Henry Mear(e)s** 

6. Sam Mear(e)s** [Never married]

7. Mattie Mear(e)s** [Never married]

8. Catherine Mear(e)s** [Date of Marriage: October 15, 1915]
   marr. John Corbett**

9. Furney Mear(e)s** {Fraternal Twin to Lucy}

10. Lucinda Mear(e)s** {Fraternal Twin to Furney}  [Name sp. according to census] 2
marr. Lester Brown**
[Lester is the son of Stephen and Priscilla Brown of Carver's Creek, Bladen County]

   Children of Lucinda Meares and Lester Brown:  

            i. Samuel Brown**
marr. Ethel Bryant**

           ii. James Thomas Brown**
marr. Mattie _____**
[1st marriage]
                        marr. Redelia Riggins** [2nd marriage]

                                        Child of James Brown:

                                                    i. Diane Brown

            iii. Priscilla "Teshie" Brown**
marr. William McKoy**

                                Children of Priscilla "Teshie" Brown and Will McKoy

                                        i. Hannah McKoy**
                                            marr. Luby Henery Harvey, Sr.**
Edith McKoy
marr. Isaiah Chancy, Sr.
  iii. Garfield McKoy
                                            marr. Sylvia _____
iv. Eunice McKoy
marr. Linwood McKoy
. Dwella McKoy
marr. Dan Evans

              iv. Roland Brown
marr. Lillian Savage

              v. Fernie Edward Brown, Sr.
                       marr. Annie Laura Burney
[7 children]

                                    Children of Fernie E. Brown and Annie Burney Brown

                                         i. Furney Edward Brown, Jr.
                                               marr. Betty Evelyn

          Children of Furney and Betty Brown                                                                                  i. Furney Alexander Brown
                                        ii.Marcus Brown                                                                                 iii. Sonya Brown                                                                            


1. (F) probably denotes "Free" whereas (FW) "free woman". These were recorded on the marriage bond.

2. Family notes name as Lucy; however 1910 census indicates Lucinda.  Possible error on behalf of census taker.

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Prepared By: Sonya Brown
Date Created: July 7, 2000

Updated: January 5, 2003

Information submitted by and obtained from the following sources:
Fernie E. Brown, Sr.
McKoy Family Reunion Booklet provided by Ms. Barbara Harvey

Bladen & Columbus County Census Records {1870-1910}
Columbus County African American marriage records 

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Brown and Mear(e)s of Bladen and Columbus County