North Carolina

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North Carolina


    Run Away, in the Spring of last year from this place, a young fellow, the property of the subscriber, named John, sometimes called JOHNSON, and calling himself at times JOHN HILL, at other times JOHN HOWE.  He is about 5 feet 3 inches high 23 years old, of a dull copper colour, being the son of a mulatto and negro-his features are generally ugly-he is civil in his manners and plausible in conversation; he reads and perhaps writes a little-a cabinet maker by trade, but has worked generally at the ______ of a Windsor chair maker-he is well acquainted with the use of the Joiners tools and is a very ingenuous mechanic.  He probably went off in some vessel, but to what place is not known.  It is conjectured he may be found in some of the northern seaports-The above reward will be paid to any person who will deliver said fellow to the subscriber of to the jailor in this place.

Wilmington, N.C. June 10, 1803
Source: National Intelligencer, July 18, 1803


On the Fifth of March, LAST, and committed to the Jail of the County of New Hanover, in the State of North Carolina, a NEGRO MAN, who given his name as HORACE FOWLER, and further says that he is free, but under the protection of Charles W. Dorsey, who lives near Ellicot's Mills Maryland.  He was making his way North when committed.  The owner of said negro must come forward, prove property or identify, and pay charges, else he will be dealt with according to the Statute in such cases made and provided.
                                                                         E.D. Hall, Sheriff

Sun. Baltimore, and Courier, Charleston, copy one week and send bills to this office immediately for collection

Wilmington, N.C., April 5th 1858.-178-tf.
Source: Daily Journal


RUNAWAY from the subscriber, about six months since, his negro man named JOHN MOTT.  Said John is about 6 feet high, stout built, dark complexion and will weigh about 180 pounds.  He was raised on Wrightsville Sound, some nine miles from Wilmington, where he is well known, and is lurking about that place, or at Mr. C.W. Bradley's Brick Yard, 3 miles from town, where he has a wife living.  The above reward will be paid for his safe deliverance to the undersigned, or for his confinement in any Jail in the State; and an additional reward of TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS for evidence sufficient to convict any White person of harboring him.
                                                                         M. Schulken

Town Creek, Brunswick County, N.C. ,April 13th, 1858
Source: Daily Journal


By D. PIGOTT, Broker & Auctioneer

By virtue of certain Deeds of Mortgage and Assignment, made to the President and Directors of the Commercial Bank of Wilmington, for the purpose of securing the payment of debts therein named, the following property will be sold on Saturday, the 12th day of March next, at 10 o'clock, A.M., at Exchange Corner: that desirable


fronting 66 feet each on Fourth and Fifth Streets, and 33o ft. on Nunn street, and the following young and likely Negroes, viz:-


Terms 90 days credit for approved endorsed Notes, negotiable and payable at Bank.

                                                                        O.G. Parsley, President

Wilmington, NC., Feb. 16th, 1859.

The above property can be treated for privately until day of sale, upon application to

                                                                          D. PIGOTT,
                                                                          Broker & Auctioneer

Source: Daily Journal, Wilmington, NC. Feb. 28, 1859


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