Orton Plantation

ORTON Plantation

Wilmington, North Carolina

PLANTATION NAME: Orton Plantation
ASSOCIATED LINK(s): http://oakisland.com/things/orton/ 
OWNER: James Sprunt
BUILT: c. 1725
Orton Plantation, situated on the Cape Fear River was built c. 1725, and was the home of Roger Moore, who along with his family and friends founded the town of Brunswick. The original home was one and a half stories and constructed of brick.  In 1840 Dr. Frederick Jones Hill, a later owner, added a second story and four fluted Doric columns. Through several ownerships, Orton Plantation became a leading rice plantation known for the superiority of its grain.
In 1865, following the fall of Confederate Fort Fisher, Orton was occupied by Union forces who used it as a hospital, sparing it from the fate suffered by many fine homes in the South.  Col. Kenneth McKenzie Murchison CSA purchased Orton in 1884, restored it and used it as his winter home. Col. Murchison was the great-grandfather of the present owners. He died in 1904 leaving Orton to his daughter Luola, & son-in-law James Sprunt LLD

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