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Likely Mulatto Wench, about 19 years of age, has been registered according to law-She is an excellent cook, and perfectly acquainted with all kinds of housework.  Inquire of the Printer.

January 8, 1787

Source: The Pennyslvania Herald and General Advertiser
January 10, 1787 No. 49 of Vol. IV. Philadelphia, PA.


Ranaway on the _____, from the subscriber, residing in the borough of Lancaster,  (Penn) a hound Negro servant lad named LESTER, but sometimes calling himself BILLY JONES, aged about 20 years.  He is about 5 feet 10 inches high, pretty well limbed, and likely in the face.  He took with him an olive coloured ribed, nankeen Coatee new, an old cost of superfine brown cloth, a while Marseilles, and a cotton-stripe waistcoat, white dirty pantaloons and brown ______ trowfers, good shoes, and a good castor hat but it is probable he has other clothes besides these.  It is supposed he will endeavor to get a place as a waiter or attempt going to sea.  All masters of _____ are therefore cautioned against carrying him off; and any person who shall secure him so that his master may have him again, shall receive the above reward and reasonable charges.
                                                                         William Barton

Lancaster, June 23, 1803
Source: National Intelligencer, 1803, Washington, DC.


RANAWAY from the subscriber on the 20th ult. mulatto JOE.  JOE is a stout, well made, dark mulatto fellow, 5 feet 9 or 10 inches high, about 30 years of age-has several large scars on his hands and body-lisps a little.  Had on and took with him, a tow linen shirt and trowsers, one pair of nankeen trowsers, also one old surtout coat and an old fur hat much worn.  Joe can write a tolerable good hand, and has ran away before, when he was taken up and put in the Fredericktown jail, and sold out by George Greager, in 1805.

Any person taking up said fellow, and securing him in any jail so that I get him again, shall receive, if taken within the county, 20 dollars, and if out of the state, the above reward-if brought home all reasonable charges will be paid by the subscriber, living in Frederick County, Md. near new Market.

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Source: The General Advertiser
June 5, 1807  Philadelphia, PA.


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